Sunday, September 12, 2010

Gifted and received.

When you have a baby,
you get gifts.
It feels good to get gifts.
It also feels good to give gifts.
but not just any gift...
a hand made one...
for the pincushion pass swap I sent some m&m's,
some Amy Butler fabric scraps,
and a one of a kind pincushion--
trust me--I couldn't duplicate it if I tried :)
This awesome
pincushion in my fave colour combo
and some beautiful glass head pins
I'm loving swaps!!
So Fun!
one yummy lap quilt

my mother-in-law,
whom I actually "like" and love dearly
(it's not true what they say about mother in laws you know...)

Cotton Blossoms by Bonnie and Camille for Moda

Purchased a layer cake wayyyyy back

this is the back that my hubby helped me with :)
thanks Honey!
This the front.
(before washing and drying)
this is it all crinkly and soft after being washed and dried.

54" x 63" prior to washing

approximately 50" x 59" after a trip through the dryer.

yup...she definately liked it!

A nice warm fuzzy feeling knowing that I've given something useful,
personal, loveable and sentimental.

and I made it.
All. by. myself.

from me.
to her.

no wonder quilters are the most generous people.
they've figured out that it pays more to give than to receive.

Although if you want to send me a gift I won't turn it down!