Friday, July 31, 2009


Let me preface this in saying

if you own Kraft Foods International,

work for Kraft,

create recipes for Kraft
(which I totally appreciate!),

or know someone linked to Kraft in some way...

Please pass on the message that I am ANNOYED!!!
Well maybe CHEESED is a better description
and I'll tell you why...

Kraft Cracker Barrel cheese blocks used to be 600 grams.

They've been 600 grams since I was 600 grams!!

Then 2 years ago--I remember it like it was yesterday
(which is probably why it bothers me so much)

without warning they up and reduced their blocks to 540 grams
--and they DID NOT change the price!
In fact it went up!!!

I used to wait for a sale
like $3.99 for a block of cheese normally $8.

Well after that the sales were $4.99
and more recently $5.99

which in all honesty is still a relatively good sale
and I know the cost of food has inflated considerably

but now I was getting less cheese...

Well now I've hit my boiling point.
Kraft has gone and done it again!!

Their blocks of cheese have gotten smaller
now 500 grams

and the regular cost per block?


So far the sale price is sticking at $5.99
but I see this changing too...

I think I might have to stop cooking with cheese :(

but what's life without cheese?

"Dear Kraft representatives,


but not off of cheese :)

How much is Cracker Barrel where you live?
p.s. If you're looking for the giveaway, it's one post down--
and you don't need a blog to enter--just leave a way for me to reach you if you win!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

NOTE: Giveaway hiding at the bottom of this post

I have done like 60 something posts and have felt honoured that someone
out there is reading them.

Although, for me,
blogging is alot like talking...

Just because you're not listening,
doesn't mean I stop talking...
hee hee
(those who truly know me just peed themselves laughing)

But it feels good to have an audience
and I don't want to take you for granted

so I put together a little "somethin somethin"
for my peeps....

seriously always wanted to say "peeps"
--now I just need a "posse" and I'm all set!

I digress.

Oh. Um. the point.

So anyways,
I have 20 super duper people who have
made the astout choice to follow my little ol' blog...

And a random draw says

is going to get a new bookmark!
But wait...
I also LOVE comments!

(and I have 2 bookmarks)

and so I went back through to see who has made the most comments thus far and Tanya from

wins a bookmark as well!

Thank you all for stopping by
and I hope you continue!

And remember that banner I made for Bubby's birthday?

Well I would like to do a giveaway!

Would you like that?
A transportation banner and
I think I'll even throw in some extra fabric.

this is how we'll do it:
1 entry for commenting on this post
an extra entry for becoming or already being a follower
5 extra entries for blogging about this giveaway
Please make a separate comment for each on this post so I can easily keep track.
I'll keep the giveaway open until midnight Sunday
(August 2nd)
"Canadian" time
and will do the draw on Monday.
**This giveaway is open to anyone, international included
Thanks for dropping by!

Fat Quarter Shop Giveaway

I don't think I need to say much more here
except maybe...

and not just because of this giveaway...but in a

I wish we could shop together,

quilt together,

eat nachos together,

because she's totally awesome

and crafty and


kind of way.

Yeah. I really like her blog.

you would too.

check it out here.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Pinata 101

I have received quite a few questions regarding pinata making....
I have to say first off that
I am NOT an expert!

I made my first pinata ever last year
after googling
"how to make a pinata?"

A picture of last years crocodile pinata.

The only tips I can provide are on what not to do...

Do not hang it from 1 string...
do have several strings hanging it to balance the weight

Do not use newspaper for your last paper mache layer...
do use unprinted paper so that it won't show through your tissue or painting

Do not use white glue to apply crepe paper or tissue when decorating...
do use a glue stick

Do NOT start your pinata 4 days before your party...

This results in having to find a way to dry your pinata really fast...
Like in your oven....

do not try this at home-- only crazed lunatics do this.
I did this.
case. in. point.

I feel my first ever tutorial coming on...

1. take out all oven racks.

2. place 1 oven rack as low as possible in said oven.
3. squeeze pinata into oven.

4. shut oven door. shove the door with your hip if necessary.

5. put your oven on the lowest convection heat possible (mine 325 degrees)
6. Keep checking to make sure there are no flames.

7. feel temperature of wire rack. when too hot to the touch--take pinata out IMMEDIATELY.
8. leave oven door open to allow heat to escape.

9. when oven has cooled and rack feels just warm shove pinata back in and shut the door.

10. keep checking.

RESULTS: 1 dry pinata

Take it from me...

DO leave yourself and the pinata ample time to be completed.

like I said, I am not an expert

...but it worked.

Birthday Palooza!

Happy 2nd Birthday,


A birthday story in pictures...
(with captions because I just can't stop myself from narrating)

(photo courtesy of

You are invited to a CAR WASH Birthday Party!

Bring a ride on toy to wash...

Search for cars in the OOBLECK to wash...

Finished the pinata around midnight with Hubby's help.
Thanks Honey :)
When we hit it to get the candy out,
Bubby was so shocked about the "broke" car
he hesitated to collect any candy.
poor guy
And the cake....


Thought of Tanya, when I was making this :)
Thank you Carol for the cake book :)
Bubby loved it all!
(even the pinata)

I even did some sewing for the party....

A car banner for the patio decor....

We asked for food donations for our local food bank
and T-shirts for an African mission trip in lieu of gifts.
Bubby received an abundance of donations!
5 lbs of clothing
and an entire laundry basket of food!
All in all,
very successful and fun 2nd birthday!

Thursday, July 23, 2009


iron candle holder
thinking of putting a flower in it


1 candle holder -$2
1 can white spray paint -$3
1 hour of my time -$0
The look on Pumpkin's face when I said it was for her -

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Giant Pincushion Giveaway

I happen to LOVE pincushions!
And these are no exception.
Julie from Jaybird Quilts is a marvel!
I don't know how she comes up with her ideas!
If I had even an ounce of the creativity this woman possesses
in her baby finger,
on her left hand, no less,
You'd just be AMAZED!
If you'd like to enter to win,
first check out the MBS blog,
then head over to Jaybird Quilts.
Good luck!
This bag is made from an old T-shirt.
It says "Trix are for kids"

I know that this is not a new idea.

But I'll tell you why I love it.
It was sooooo easy to make.
Like 5 minutes easy.

It s t r e t c h e s to hold a lot!

It's wonderful for kids.


Well if it gets damaged (it won't)
then you just cut up another old T-shirt.

If it gets dirty (it will)
you just throw it in the wash.

I did a little stitch around the edges of the sleeves just so they wouldn't get stretched out.
I also boxed the bottom.

As you can see I use it to hold
about a kazillion cars.

We take these cars to the park.
I got them from the Sally Ann for $5
for 3 grocery bags nearly full!

If we lose some we don't care.

It works.
And I love it.
Got a cool old T-shirt?
Make it into a bag.

Monday, July 20, 2009


Have you ever wondered what 10 yards of
Warm and Natural quilt batting would look like?

It arrived with my mother, a note attached.
Apparently the girls at Joann's fabric think that
the Canadian that called them, thrilled out of her noggin'
over sale quilt batting was a bit odd.
And yet I think it was secretly the most exciting part of their day.
The note says:
Jaleana from AMERICA says hi
or in your language
Laugh out loud is right!
To set the record straight, we do say "hi" here in Canada.
We also say hello, hey, bonjour and the odd hola and aloha, etc.
We say "eh" instead of "hunh"....
But that's okay--
She sent some great fabric along and I'm going to make her something to thank her for getting my batting cut so fast so my mom could just pay and go.
Good customer service.

mmmmmm. yum.
Fabric for Pumpkins quilt.
Haven't settled on a pattern yet though.
The cutest cupcake fabric. ever.
Some fabulous fall FQ's.
(I have a table runner in mind for those)
And a nearly complete Cotton Blossoms layer cake
All purchased from my friend, Jodi's, etsy store.

My favourite thing Jodi makes are her "Square it Up's"

Can. not. wait.

see the ones with the 5 and 6 marked on them?

so wanting to use them.


for one of these.

And a beautiful gift from Jodi!

I have coveted her fabric baskets and often wanted to try to make one.

Well now I don't have to right away!

And I don't know how she knew but



I big puffy heart it.

Thanks Jodi.

And thanks to my mom for truckin' all that stuff to Canada with her.

It will go to good use.

Some of it already has.


My friend Jodi of

It's not just ANY giveaway


Yes she is the brainchild behind this fabulous set.

And yes she's not keeping it

but giving it away to little ol' ME!

What's that?

You want a chance to win it?

But then I might not!

Oh fine then.

Have it your way.

Go to MBS and make a comment then.

What's that?

No....there's no more ways to win....

WHAT! Who told you that??
you could get 2 more chances to win??

Oh fine then.
Be that way!

Comment away!


Oh sure go ahead and blog about it too.
let's let everyone in on this great giveaway
--it's not like I want to win or anything!

If you win would you do me a favour?

Give it to me?



well fine then,

Can I at least come over and look at it on your table and lay on your couch using your pillow?


I hope you win.
You deserve it.
*fingers crossed*


2 packets cherry Kool-Aid (unsweetened)

1 1/3 cups boiling water

1 1/3 cups sugar

2 cans (355 ml each) limeade concentrate (semi-frozen)

ice cubes

sprite / 7-UP

Pour boiling water over Kool-Aid and sugar.

Stir to dissolve.

Stir in a handful or two of ice cubes and stir to melt in.

Add limeade syrup and stir to melt in.

Refrigerate for up to 5 days.


Fill glass to brim with ice cubes or crushed ice. Pour limeade syrup over ice and allow about an inch to settle on the bottom (depending on your size of glass could be 2-4 tbsp). Fill with Sprite and serve with a straw.

For fun you can drop maraschino cherries in the bottom of the glass and arrange a lime wedge on the rim.



I served this at the baby shower and it was a big hit!

Happy summer!

Friday, July 17, 2009



It will not let me upload any pics!
I'm done.
I'm frazzled.
I'm going to BED!

Good night Blogger!
and good riddance!

(I'll be in a better mood in the morning--promise)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Quilt along and OOPS #2 AND #3

The strips were sewn!
Lookin' good!!

The blocks were cut,
and then


OOPS # 2 and #3

If you can't tell from the pic

I cut 2 squares too small.

My blocks were supposed to be 11.5"

I ended up cutting 1 a half inch too small

and the other a whole inch too small!!

What was I thinking?!!


In this photo,

if you count the blocks I have a skinny and long quilt.

After taking this pic I realized I had enough blocks add more length

so now it's even skinnier and l o n g e r!

I want to be skinny--NOT my quilt!!!

I think it's inevitable.

I must make 2 more blocks.

Problem is that I only have boring fabric left.

None of the designer stuff.


how is my quilt along going?

I'm loving it!!

The threads that hold me together...

Well the ties that bind me,
keep me in place,
hold my sanity at a reachable distance,
let go a little this last week.

I lost someone, that I truly treasured.

My "Uncle" Tom.
Not really my relative but as close as one could be.
He and his family have been a fixture in my life since before my birth.
It would have been hard for anyone not to love him.

He was my father's best friend.
The husband of my mother's best friend.

My mom and he were fishing buddies.

Uncle Tom passed on to be with the Lord.
He had been battling a rare type of blood cancer (myeloma??)
(Cancer is so UGLY!)

He leaves behind a wife and soulmate.
4 daughters and 2 son in laws
(another to marry next year)
5 grandchildren
His youngest daughter had a baby less than a week before he died.

Her first child.

The Lord had a plan.
That baby was 3 weeks early.

Uncle Tom held on until she came.
What a blessing.
My poor mother has relived my father's passing through her best friends.

So have I.

Incredibly hard.
To the point I'd rather avoid it.

In less than 2 years since my dad passed away,
he and Tom are together again-
in Heaven.

They're probably cooking up a huge feast together up there
to feed all the angels.

My dad and Uncle Tom used to do all the cooking.
Uncle Tom taught me how to fry an egg at one of
the famous Easter Breakfast's at our church.

"Kelly, you need lots of butter in that pan..."
Lots of memories.

Here's a pic of my dad with his beloved crockpot.

This is why I love the Crockpot Tuesday posts at Miller Racing Family

And here is our dog in hopes of something falling on the floor!

Now with Uncle Tom gone
It makes me miss dad more.

Yeah. It's hard.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Celebrating BABY "S"

He's sweet,
he's cuddly,
he's their first,
and we needed an excuse for a party!

so a baby shower was born!

It was fun to have everyone over.

When I say everyone I mean my whole side of the family.
Which isn't much.

10 adults.
4 kids
and a newborn
2 dogs.
and a little bit of mayhem.

But what we lack in numbers
we make up for in LOTS of fun!

As it was a mixed shower we played only 1 game.

wouldn't want the guys to lose interest

They loved it!
even the men folk!!

so here it is.

There are a number of questions pertaining to the new parents
and the baby.

All the answers are the name of a candy.

I bought 25 candy/chocolate bars.
displayed them on a tray and let everyone
study them for 1 minute.

took it away and then handed out the questions.

I'm not going to say there was no grumbling.
there was.

and that there were no hints given.
there were.

but all in all a complete success.

Here are the questions I used and there candy bar counter parts.

(You could probably come up with more
or different ones to suit other themes
but you get the idea.)

1. what ____ said when he found out ___ was pregnant? (Skor)

2. What did ____ change when she first became pregnant? (Eat More)

3. Cost of diapering a baby? (DoubleMint)

4. Umbilical cord... (Twizzlers)

5. How big was ____ when he/she was born? (Foot Long)

6. Epidural... (LifeSavers)

7. Preemie... (Runts)

8. 11 pound baby... (Whoppers)

9. Triplets... (3 Musketeers)

10. Poop-y diaper? (Tootsie Roll)

11. What dad does when he sees baby looks like him? (Snickers)

12. Chubby Baby... (Rolo)

13. Baby's first drink? (Milky way/Milkfuls/Milk Duds)

14. What mom felt like the first time she bathed baby? (Butterfinger)

15. Girl's name? (Baby Ruth/Sweet Marie)

16. Hours of sleep parents have gotten since baby arrived? (Zero)

17. What baby needs lots of? (Hershey's Kisses)

18. Twin boys names? (Mike and Ike)

19. What daddy feels like now that he has a baby? (Mr. Big)

20. What no parent wants their children to be? (Nerds)

21. What you fear when you walk around the highchair? (Crunch/Crunchie)

22. Boy's Name? (Oh! Henry)

23. Where mom and dad walk when baby won't sleep? (Halls)

24. What baby is not? (Cry Baby)

25. Gifted toddlers? (Smarties)

At the end see who got the most right.

Then everyone gets to take their choice of treat off the tray.

And what did I give to this new baby??
Well I did end up making one fabric baby block.

It was 6 inches square and I added teethers and rings to it that I had salvaged
from another baby toy destined for the trash.

REduce, REuse, REcycle!

It was super easy to put together using this tutorial

and it took less than an hour start to finish.

I even snuck in some bells when I was stuffing it, for some extra sensory development--or just to make it sound it pretty :)

My mom did the handsewing to close it up because she's just better at it than I am!
thanks mom!

Welcome BABY "S"!

What a week!

In a way,
I sure am glad it's Monday and we can start fresh!
So here it is,
my week in a nutshell....
The Mother Ship landed and brought with her the
(more on this later)
We went to visit the new baby in the family
--BABY "S"
Did a little shopping at the Sally Ann
(got board games for the kids 50 cents!)
Went to a funeral
--very sad for everyone involved
(more on that later)

Had a family baby shower at my house!!
(will share more soon)
Had fish n' chips and ice cream sundaes
Nana's treat!!
painted our nails and drank cherry limeades,
sat on the porch and read.
Celebrated Bubby's soon to be Birthday!
(thanks mom--and Fisher-Price!)
Fun family bike rides.
Watched "Amazing Grace"
seriously recommend it!

Mom left this morning to go see my bro and sil
and of course BABY "S"
Of course we're all sad,
but all good things must come to an end.:(
And we'll see her again in August.
This time on HER turf!
Can't wait!
Drive safe mom!
I did a little sewing too....

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Excuse my absence but...
My mom arrived on Sunday and here it is Wednesday.
I know you haven't heard from me--but...
do you know my mom?
Oh you don't?
Trust me--poor you.
She's been playing with the kids
and we've been gabbing and
she's even helping me with my quilt along!
Well more tomorrow.
Have a great day!
We're off to see my sweet new nephew---
and no..
the fabric blocks are NOT done :(

Friday, July 3, 2009

I make a MEAN PIZZA!

When you hear homemade pizza you don't think

"oh yum! I'm SO glad we're NOT getting delivery!"

But my pizza?
Well, who needs delivery?!

And it ain't no Delissio!

I remember my brother whining one time when I mentioned
that I had made homemade pizza for dinner,
until he tried it.

Let's just say he ATE his words.


Would you like my recipe to try it out yourself?

Well you'll need a BREADMAKER.

I know you can do it without--
I just don't know how to convert it.
If you figure it out,
let me know.

You see,
my pizza dough recipe belongs to Black and Decker
(it was a recipe from my machine cookbook)

But I think I do it just right to achieve the ultimate in
thin crust yumminess.

Basic Dough Recipe:

1 1/2 cups water
1 1/2 tsp salt
1 tbsp white sugar
2 tbsp margarine
4 1/4 cups flour
2 tsp breadmaker yeast

Put them in the bread maker in the order written.
Be sure the yeast does not touch the water.
Set machine on dough setting.

Wait around for 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

Take dough out and cut in half.

yes, I said in half.

This recipe will make two 16" thin crust pizzas.

What do you do with the leftover dough?

put it in a freezer bag and freeze it.
(it thaws in about 2 hours on the counter)

Want a thicker crust?

Use all the dough.
Or make a smaller pizza.

Shape dough into a round ball.

Roll out dough on a slightly floured surface
with a floured rolling pin.

Transfer to a 14" - 16" pizza pan.

Tug gently to the side, pinching up the dough to form a crust
against the lip of the pan.

Spread 1/2 cup pizza sauce onto base,
or more to taste.

Sprinkle with 2 1/2 cups shredded mozzarella.

Decorate as desired.
This is where my 4 year old gets in on the action.

Bake at 425 for 15-20 minutes.

Down to the last crumb!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


You know Mr. Clean?

The bald guy on the commercials?

The one with the earring?

mmm hmmm....

Well he lives in my house.
I know aren't I lucky?!

Except he's not bald -- he's blonde.

And no earrings --
but he is tall and has a cute butt!

I married a Dutchman and I DO recommend it.

He cleans like no one I've ever known.

And the sick part is he likes it!

He likes a clean house.
A tidy home.

He can't go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink
and we can't leave a mEsSy house over the weekend because

"no one likes to come home to a mess"
and it's TRUE.

It's nice to live in order.

I do believe he is somewhat...
shall we say...
anal (read as compulsive)
--but in his defense--

I think it's genetic.


he vacuums, dusts, cleans the floors

and at this very moment

before he sits down to enjoy his book

he is swiffering the house.

It's a near nightly routine.

And where am I?
What am I doing?

Sitting on my butt
surfing the net and
eating chips.

Yeah this is the life.

Now don't get me wrong,

this isn't the ONLY good thing about the Dutch...

they also know how to make a mean dessert!

p.s. I LOVE my husband.

In fact,


and we all know that that kind of love is saved for only 2 things...
*big smile*

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Thank you!

Have you ever been there?

I never had.

But I will now!

Terri at Sew Fantastic was sharing her gift certificate

to with one of her readers.

Soooo generous.
That's the kind of girl she is!

And so
like any other self respecting,

fabric hungry,

scrap hoarding,

addicted crafter....

I entered.

That's just the kind of girl I AM!

I didn't win.

but then...


My choice of 1/2 yard of fabric!

(decisions, decisions)

Thank you!
And thank you Terri!

That's what little boys are made of...

It's a BOY!
On Monday we received news that my brother and his wife
(he married one of my best friends forever)
delivered a sweet baby boy into the world.
With thanks to the LORD!
Oh! Sweet really doesn't describe HIM.
"What are little boys made of?
Frogs, and snails, and puppy dog tails,
that's what little boys are made of."
So with this little poem in mind I'm off to find some
froggy, snails and puppy fabric....
wonder where I'll find that?
Any ideas??
We're having a family shower
in my home next Saturday.
I'm hoping to have some fabric blocks
made by then
using this tutorial.
I want to spell out his name...
7 blocks
that may be alot of blocks...
Wish me luck!