Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Blogger Recipes 2009

This past year,
I have gleaned,
thrown out,
and DEVOURED a lot of blogger recipes!
Some were hmmmm.....
not as good as I was hoping...
While others were good enough to make again....
and lots were AMAZING!!!

I'm going to share the amazing Blogger Recipes of 2009!
(just click on the pictures that I stole...ahem...borrowed, from each blogger of their delectable creations)

Beginning with 2 from Kim at Bitty Bits and Pieces
Serve it warm or cold--easy and delicious!
Coca Cola Cake

seriously addictive!
Apple Brickle Dip

Next, a truly decadent cake that I am making a Christmas tradition in our home.
From Shelly at Simple Abundance

Cranberry Almond Cake

These two come from Meg of WHATEVER fame...

mmmmm... it's become a Sunday night staple around here!

Baked French Toast

Like a slice of apple pie you eat with your fingers!
Glazed Apple Bars

I made this Recipe from Rachel of P.S. I Quilt and it received RAVE reviews!

Rachel's Peanut Butter Delight

This cake is from my favourite bloggy friend Jodi at Pleasant Home
(however the recipe is from her old blog)

Mmmmm.... seriously the twist in this will have you make it again and again!

And before you think all I do is eat dessert...

This recipe from Cheryl at Tidy Mom will knock your party goin' socks off!!!

Seriously good New Year's Day fare!

Mini Ham and Swiss Party Rolls

This recipe I came upon from Tanya from Miller Racing Family
as I am an avid reader of hers,

but actually originated from Kelli at Outside My Kitchen Window...

Regardless it is fabulous! and quick!

Chicken Club Wrap

I made this dip for Boxing Day and was very pleased with the results...

I didn't put in the jalepenos

(to accomodate all that might be eating it)

but I think I'll try it next that way to give it some zing!

Everyone loved it and it was a definate winner!

The recipe comes from Haus of Girls and worth every calorie!

So there you have it...

I have loads more recipes to try but I guess we'll save them for the New Year!

I can't believe it!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christ is the reason for the season...

Thanking Him tonight for coming to Earth...
Being born under a star in Bethlehem...
in a feeding trough...
to live a life only to end in death...
to save the world...
to save me...
Thank you,Jesus.
Merry Christmas to you and yours.
New friends and old.
Have a blessed Christmas
one and all.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy New Year!

I don't think a New Year could get much happier!
In the fabric department, anyway!

Want to find out more?
Visit Hillary Ann at Designing Happy...

and Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dear John...

Do you remember that Christmas?
The one when money was tight for you and mom...

Life had taken ahold of things for a bit and you made lots of sacrifices for us all.

That began your attitude of giving. You were a giver dad.
Not a giver of things
--although you gave to us anything we needed before you gave to yourself.

Your answer was the same every year at Christmas
" I don't want you to buy me anything!"

Of course, we did.

But you gave of your time. You gave of your gifts--your talents.
Your creativity in the kitchen and willingness to serve
--well, anyone who knew you won't forget soon.
We loved those late night shrimp bowls
or the filing cabinet filled with chips and licorice that you kept stocked with Peanut M& M's for mom (her favourite).

** note: most people keep files or paper in their filing cabinets but my parents had a filing cabinet seriously full of junk food.
No really--it's true.
If dad could have afforded a second microwave, he would have put it on top and then not even had to go upstairs to microwave his popcorn :0)

So dad, who could blame me when I wanted to give you your hearts desire one Christmas?
I knew you wanted one.
They were all the rage.

So I saved.

I worked on an extra project and made enough to buy it and some extras.
I wanted to give it to you more than anything.
Not for the look on your face.

Not even for the sheer joy of giving
--but because you deserved it.

And you opened that Black and Decker Breadmaker
and you cried.

Tears of JOY!

I loved you dad and wanted you to know in a way that was more than a hug or a kiss.
In a way that showed I sacrificed for you like you did for us.

You were worth it. And I love you.

Merry Christmas.

Your Favourite
(and only) Daughter

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

hanging the stockings...

Our Stockings are exceptionally large...
Truly they are the largest stockings I've yet to see in use within my friend group.
I made these 2 when hubby and I were in University and just engaged.
Can you believe he'd never had a stocking?!
Mine is the red and his is the green.
Quite traditional really.
Used the other side of the fabric for the cuff.
I didn't have a lot of extra money and I was just so pleased with the design.
Hubby helped make them.
They are 1 foot across and over 2 feet long.
We used to only fill our stockings as gifts to one another.
We had no price range--if it could fit in the stocking you could buy it!
When Pumpkin came along she was 1 on her first real Christmas so I let her pick from a bunch of fabrics at the store.
Yes I started her fabric love early.
She chose this sparkly pointsettia print but I wanted to add to it.
I found this great feather trim that matched perfectly!
She petted her stocking for half an hour after I finished making it :)

Then our little man showed up.

Pumpkin chose the fabric for his stocking too.

I wanted trim but wanted it to be boyish.
Since his fabric didn't have any glitz to it,
I thought some sparkly sequin trim was in order.
So now, our stockings are done.
When I looked around blog land I noticed all these great stocking posts and wished I could make another.
Well, next Christmas I will have a new stocking post,
because in July we will welcome stocking # 5 to the roost of stockings!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

December blocks done!

this one gave me a run for my money as I really wanted the mocha corner square to match up with the centre square perfectly.
After a few attempts--I made it!
These blocks are for Audrie and they were fabulous fun!
She wants to pattern her quilt after Denyse Schmidt's
I didn't square them up as she plans on bordering them one more time with an even lighter shade of brown...
It's going to look fabulous!
I hope she likes mine...
Here's to next month!
It sounds like it's my turn and I can't wait!

last minute gifts...

I so see this being a late night tonight....
I'm going to need one of these for a particular little girl's stocking...
and then when I'm done I'm going to send 2 more to the hospital toy drive...
I'd better get crackin'!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dear Santa,

"I've been awfully good this year..."
Isn't that how everyone starts their letters to you??
It must make you crazy!

okay so here's the truth...

-this year I have spent way too much $$$ on fabric (without my hubby knowing)...

-this year I have spent way too much time on the computer gleaning ideas and not doing anything with them...

-this year I ate most of my kids Halloween candy all by myself and told my husband the kids must have eaten it all...

-this year I dinged the fender on our van because I don't know how to parallell park (I hit a light pole)...

-this year I have lost weight by cutting back on portions and then gained it back by eating those portions I'd missed out on!

So as you can see I don't have a stellar record but I'm hoping if you have time to look at your "B" list, that you'll consider me...

I heard through the grapevine that the Fat Quarter Shop has your direct line so I thought I might have a better shot if I sent my list through them...

Because we all know that they have been really good this year!
It's a small list, really :)

1. Figgy Pudding

--I'll take anything I can get Santa!
But 2 Jelly rolls and some 1/2 or yard cuts would be GREAT!
I'll make it easy and you can pick--i love it all!

2. Simple Abundance

-- I know it's practically extinct already but Santa, I must have it!!!
2 Jelly rolls and 1/2 or yard cuts in anything I can get would make my Christmas...
I know you're not a miracle worker, but I just had to ask....

3. Winter Parade Bundle

4. Authentic Quilt Kit

I know, I know... I sound greedy--and truly Santa, I am!

I'd love it all--but really I just figure by the time you get to me you might be out of something so really I'm just giving you options...

I know you're a busy guy, So Merry Christmas!

Love Kelly

Friday, December 11, 2009

A Baking Birthday Party

Pumpkin turned 5!

I almost can't bring myself to believe it...
but 5 she is!

And her newfound muse is the kitchen oven so we decided to have a baking birthday!

I made aprons for all the girls....
using the same pattern from A Spoonful of Sugar
I liked this pleated ruffle on the bottom so much that I added it to Pumpkin's apron too!
A close up of the pleated ruffle--

sew fun!

We made "gingerbread houses"...they decorated them for over an hour!

We also made cookies in a jar to give as gifts or keep
and share a time in the kitchen with someone special...
it was busy but
oh so sweet!literally!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I should never have started...

These are seriously too fabulous!

Best Nanaimo Bars I've EVER HAD!

No I'm not exaggerating.
I know I'm prone to that but....

not this time.

I'd take them out of the bag to take a better picture
but then I'd eat them all for sure.

It is in their best interest
--as well as mine--
for them to just stay put!


I didn't make them.

Our bible study does a cookie exchange every year
and for the last few I've organized it.

I also put a little recipe book together each year of all the recipes brought.
I have this recipe

and I'd type it out here except
my fingers are s-t-i-c-k-y
and I'm licking them...

so if you'd like the recipe
just let me know in the comments and I'll stop eating long enough to send it to you....

so good...

Monday, December 7, 2009

Dear John...

It's coming on Christmas...

they're cutting down trees...

I love Joni Mitchell's song the River.

Her voice reminds me of you dad.

I don't know if it's the era she sang in or the words, but it's so calm.
so soothing.

I used to love it when you would sing to us each night.
After doing our prayers and before you gave us each a kiss.
This song means more to me this Christmas than it has in past years.
I'm missing you, for starters.
And life,
It's in a bit of turmoil.
Last Christmas we didn't have you for the first time.
This Christmas someone else will also be missing the festivities.
You were a devoted father, husband and friend.
May we all remember and learn before our lives take a hard right.
Love you dad,
Missing you,
your daughter.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

thank you everyone

Thank you to those who took the time to write their well wishes
I am feeling MUCH better!

I was beginning to feel like a PEPTO-BISMOL commercial

As well as I am now feeling,
life has taken a hand
and I am up to my elbows this week

But do not fret!
I will be back in full swing next week!


p.s. I leave you with the beauty of my decorated house...