Monday, June 29, 2009

Art Therapy

My hubby and I attended a benefit concert last night.

A very brave boy named Micah, (from our church circles),
has recently survived a bout with cancer.

He is 8.
And sweet as ever.
And he credits God for his recovery.

(as do we all.)

The concert was a band made up of a mish mash
of talent and style.

It was really well done.

All proceeds were for the Children's Hospital near us.

One thing that really hit home
was the discussion surrounding Art Therapy.

have you heard of it?
I hadn't it.

It is best described in this way:
Art therapy provides an important outlet for our patients to
channel their emotions and feelings through art,
which I feel plays an important part in their healing process.
~ Dr. Shayna Zelcer,
Paediatric Hematologist/Oncologist,
Children's Hospital

The concept fascinated me.

Probably because I recognized it.

I have been utilizing Art Therapy
since my dad has passed away.

I just didn't know that that was what I should call it.
But I've been on a crafting craze.

And it has truly helped me deal with things around me.
And express myself in a way no words could.

my theory?

All of us crafters,
sewers, quilters and knitters

have known that this works
long before they called it Art Therapy.

Crafts are good for the soul.

What is your favourite kind of Art Therapy?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bookmark Bliss

Yesterday was Pumpkin's graduation from Preschool.

She seems so BIG.
And capable.

I'll be sad to send her to school next year.

My only solace is that one of my bestest friends will be her teacher.

Otherwise, I think I'd have to enroll myself into kindergarten.

I wanted to give Pumpkin's teacher something special.
I mean, handmade.

I'm sure she gets mugs and chocolate.
But who needs more mugs?
unless of course they're vintage or totally cute...

okay so I could have gotten her a set of mugs with red polka dots
and it would have totally rocked....

and look you can get a matching cake or pastry pedestal...

So yummy!
but...I didn't.

Miss H is young and has no children.
She is looking to buy a house
but I didn't want to give her something she would just have to move.
Or maybe not even like.

So I settled on ordering her a PED EGG
(which I know she wants)

and making her a bookmark.

Any excuse to use Amy Butler is a good one!

I was inspired by a couple of different tutorials...

but really wanted to try piecing fabrics together for a scrappy look
and then saw one on Etsy made by
And a lightbulb went off.
I loved my Amy fabric sooo much that I did
a scrappy patchwork on the front and
then backed it with my fave print.
I really enjoyed making it!
Now I think I need to make more.
Even Hubby wants one.
(not in Amy Butler though)
I think I might make them as gifts for our favourite librarians.
Oh the joy of living small town life!
I had Pumpkin do a tracing paper card
with the words "thank you" on it.

Thank you Miss H.
We had a great year!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I have been awarded the
Kreativ Blogger Award

I'm so excited!
This is my 1st blog award ever!

Thanks Kris for thinking so highly of me.

So apparently I'm supposed to share 7 things
about myself with you....

Well, I've had a LOT of jobs....
like LOTS!

By the time I was 21 I had
worked at 27 different places!

(I should note that this was by choice--
and often more than one at a time--
not because I'm not a good worker)
I've only been fired once
and TRUST ME when I say it was mutual!

So here's 7 of my favourite places I have worked:

7. Curves -- After getting married we had moved to a new town
and I was left with no job
Hello Curves!! --
The only body part I ever worked out while there was my mouth!
Some days I was run off my feet doing the "GAB JAB"!

6. La Senza Lingerie -- yep, went by the title of Bra Specialist :)
Bought practically all my honeymoon lingerie with my discount
No I wasn't engaged--
or even dating,
but it was a deal and I knew I'd need it someday

5. Sherwin-Williams Paints -- I think this is when my love affair with colour began.

4. Blockbuster Video --seriously.

What University student wouldn't want to work here?
Free movies?

yep--that's what I thought.
You can apply online here.

3. Bridal Consultant/ Wedding Planner -- you know the movie?

Wedding Planner?

Yep. Me.

I have been around weddings a long time.
Started out as a singer.
Then planner.
Then got into the dresses and details.

Bridezilla's and all, I still love weddings.

2. Dental Assistant/Receptionist -- I really didn't assist well.

I prefer to run the show and talk on the phone.

I finished highschool and took a special college program at the same time

and graduated near the top of my class.

I worked on and off in the industry from the age of 18 until Pumpkin.

I prefer working for Orthodontists.


-- I loved working at McDonalds!!

I worked drive thru mostly,

"Hello, may I take your order?"

and was a Crew Trainer.
My favourite part was doing the kids birthday parties.
I was so good I had mom's lining up for me!

My boss was also pretty rockin'! (Hi Jay)

I worked there for 4.5 years
and I'd go back in a New York minute!

OH Heck!

I'd go back in a Canadian minute, too!


Now that you know a litte about me

How's about checking out some of these awesome blogs

that I deem worthy of the KREATIV BLOGGER AWARD

ginabean handmade

Make it and Love it

Miller Racing Family

The Creative Juices of Ariel

The Lawsons did Dallas

The Object Project



Monday, June 22, 2009

a little something...

I've started something and now
I can't seem to stop...

Vanessa from

started something when she sent me this

I had been nervous to attempt it
based on the fact that I've never
cross stitched.


needle worked.



To be honest,
the only floss I've ever worked with
is for teeth....

yes--I do floss my teeth

you should too!
It promotes healthy gums and
fights bad breath.

(I'm a certified Dental Assistant and a little passionate about teeth. Um. yeah.)

it doesn't look like this stuff though.


Well now I'm hooked!

Here's a sneak peak of the applique

Just waiting for my mom
to arrive in Canada with my
$5.99 a yard

It truly pays to have a mom living in the United States

The exact same batting in Canada is $16 a metre!!!!

and it NEVER goes on sale!

and NEVER for $5.99!

so yes,

I bought 10 yards.

hey--I've got plans


and yes,
my mother is already bringing lots of fabric goodies with her

and yes,
she is already wondering where the dog is going to sit

but that's what we do for our children,
isn't it?

going out of our way for them.
make the dog sit in the back seat.
you know,
stuff like that.

that and
allowing your daughter to use your American address
so that she can save $$$ on shipping.

and then drive it all down to her.

and of course,
have a visit too!

Thanks MOM!

and thank you Vanessa for your kindness!
You've created a monster!

And NOW...Back to our regularly scheduled Program!

I know, I know.
Where have I been?!

Well I'd love to tell you I just got back from a weekend in Fiji...
(yeah right)

but no,
I've just been lazy.

To be honest...
Father's Day just kicked me flat on my butt.
It was a rough week.....

but on a pleasant note

dun da da DUN!

Hubby LOVED his photo cubes!!

And I'd show them to you
but alas,
they are indeed PHOTO cubes
ie: photos of kiddos no internet-o in our house-o
Just trust me I was VERY happy with the results.

he loved his "dad" beer mug
and his "dad" tea mug
and his beer glasses
and his cards

and his wheelbarrow.

I know.

But he deserves it.

much to say.

I've been spoiled myself by the Sew Mama Sew Giveaways.
My second prize arrived today.
A great bag from

Pumpkin was so excited!
She ripped it open in the middle of the Post Office
and put all our mail into it!

That's my girl!

My first prize to arrive came from the super talented
Mandy at

I'll tell you honestly
when I found out that I won
I started yelling and jumping up and down!

It was soooo exciting!

There was something for everyone!
Bubby got a super cool
Grey Monster

(he's the one on the left)
(I borrowed this pic from Mandy
as I haven't been able to get a good photo of this guy as he's always on the move)

Bubby has named him "baby"

And I got this beautiful carseat cover

(also borrowed this pic as I don't have my carseat hanging it out right now....but...someday...maybe)

The colours are amazing!

and lastly for Pumpkin and Hubby
to take in their lunches...

snack bags!
Mandy sent 6.
3 flowery girly bags
and 3 manly snack sized bags
in very manly funky colours

Thank you Mandy!
as you can see from the pic they're already in use
*big smile*

If you've never visited MaKC Creations
you really should.

She just recently put up a super cool tutorial

I'm SO going to try it!

As well her Etsy shop is crammed FULL of goodness
and take it from me
her work is beautiful!

And so creative!

I feel so blessed to have won both these prizes!

Happy days are here again!
*singing off key*

Thursday, June 18, 2009

No Time

It's busy around here
and I feel constantly that I have no time.

I mean,
I have the same 24 hours in the day that you do...

...unless you are Australian and then I have the opposite 24 hours

but you get what I'm saying,

(yes, this is my sewing studio--at least I don't have to worry about stray threads)

My quilt along sits waiting for me to spend time with it.
So sad.

I have grand plans for making Pumpkin's teacher's end of the year gift.
Since the end of the year is next Wednesday
I'd say I might need to prioritize.

The apples aren't going to make themselves!

So that brings me to Father's Day.
How did it get here so fast?!

And how is it that I didn't find this really GREAT idea
until yesterday?!

And now I have to somehow make it happen!
Ooooh the pressure I place upon myself!

so please excuse me but I must get on with my day.

As you can see I have some work ahead of me.

For the first time in a while I'm glad the hubby won't be home for dinner.
He's sad that he has a business meeting
and I'm just thrilled that the extra 2 hours will give me time to clean
it all up before he comes home!

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I'm a WINNER!!!

Do you remember when people used to say "Winner"?

As in,
"She's such a 'winner'..."
moving on...
Well I am a WINNER!!

Actually it's been a whole week of winning
but I'll post about others another time.

This time I won at a game!
A blog game!
So fun!

Meet Spanky
cute, eh?
He could be the key to your success
this week!

Meet Kris at her blog

She is the proud owner of Spanky.
She's got great ideas
and is very talented!


Beautiful table runner...

but wait...

LOooky Here!!!

It's Reversible!
And check out that quilting!!

She made this table runner for her Etsy shop

And not only is she talented but


And so is her FABRIC

That's right
check out her other shop

Kris has a different take on her fabric shop than some others.
"Fabrics are so expensive now, even wholesale prices.

I decided to not try to compete with all of the other sellers with the new fabrics.

I'm working towards having most (if not all) of my fabrics

listed @ $5-$6 per yd., high quality, top manufacturers & designers.

The difference will be they will be from a season or two ago."

I love her shop
and I love her prices

I played her Treasure Hunt game
and won her giveaway of a
10% discount

in both her shops!

So what are you waiting for?!

Browse both her shops and try to find Spanky

(she gives a clue on her blog)



And tell her I sent ya'!

Monday, June 15, 2009

A little fabric can go a long way...

Our poor bathroom needed something.
The right something,
the wrong something...
it just was...lacking...
so I had a frame.
This frame.

Albeit lovely...
it was on the empty side of life

"But LOOK!
it's not empty" you say.

And you are so right.
But I didn't fill it with pictures.
That would have been boring.
I filled it with lovely fabrics from
one of my favourite Etsy fabric shops
She has this great listing called
It basically allows you to pick 6 fabrics
and she sends you a 9 x 11" cut of each.
Just the perfect size for me to fill my frame
and try out some other really cool fabrics!


much better :)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dear John

Dear DAD,
It's been awhile since you've left us and I miss you terribly.
I know you wouldn't want me to spend time missing you
but I can't help it.
Especially when you are there in my face everyday;
in one way or another.
Remember the blanket I made for you
when you were cold 3 Christmas's ago?
The one made out of felted wool sweaters?
That's right,
the grey one.
Your favourite "colour"
(because you were colour blind LOL!)

Well I was going to wash it.
The kids love sitting under it to watch their favourite movies.
(Mostly the ones you bought for Pumpkin.)
And well this week they had popcorn as a snack;
(they love their popcorn--almost as much as you did!)
And it made quite a mess on the blanket.
And then the dog laid on it when we watched a movie
the other night.
And she's shedding.
Well, I went to bring it upstairs and Pumpkin wouldn't let me wash it.
She refused to.
I asked her why?
"Because it smells like Papa! Don't wash him away, Mom."

Even though the blanket has been washed numerous
times since Mom gave it back to me...
I didn't wash it.
I guess we all miss you.
your favourite (only) daughter

Ariane's Giveaway

I've recently stumbled across Ariane's Crafts blog.
She has so much to offer blogland--
You've GOT to see her hexagon star blocks!!
So darn CUTE!
I wish I had the patience!
The best part about Ariane is that she's CANADIAN!!!
Well Ariane has come to her 100th post
and what a trooper!
She's not feeling well but still wants to do a GIVEAWAY!

Go here
to enter to win this!


I want it too!



And show Ariane some bloggy love~

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Quilt Along & OOPS #1

Unfortunately I am a little
behind on the Old Red Barn Co. Quilt Along.
This is week 4
which means I should be assembling my quilt.
and I am...
kind of...
Well I will be...

But I have to say that I am a quilting goddess!
I mean I was BORN to quilt!!

Well it seems I'm at least born to cut fabric anyway.

It was going sooo great.
I'm quick.

Like lightning.

I've got that Rotary Cutter trained.
I am the MASTER.

and then...

OOPS { uh oh }


well my fabric is cute,


** note to self:
buy new measuring tape

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

This little light of mine

Don't know if you're feeling crafty
but I'm really into the




thing these days.

In our last home Pumpkin's room was bright pink on 2 walls and
a petal soft purple on the other 2 walls and ceiling.

The wood trim in our new home wasn't going to be painted
and the designer felt this bright pink wasn't the best choice with the wood.
So it was time to tone it down a bit and give her some glitz instead.
We realized she wanted


"Hey, Shabby Chic!"
I love white and sparkle and mismatched so this is perfect.

I will show you bits and pieces of her room as time goes on,
but today--her lamp.

It is from the IKEA As-Is dept.
And my mom had found a purple shade at one point for it.

When I saw the STEVEN AND CHRIS design show,
I knew what I wanted to do.

Like I said, the shade was purple so now when the light is on

it gives such a nice warm glow of pink to the room.

It was really easy and only cost $8!
(I got the daisies at the Dollar store)

Pumpkin loves it!
And so do I!

click HERE to see how I did it
and get more ideas and a video on re-purposing lamp shades

Happy Crafting :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Full Coverage

I LOVE a good thrifted sheet

The skads of fabric you get from one sheet alone
is pure pleasure at a

So I've been collecting them.

Ever since I missed out on my chance to be part of
Sheridan's vintage sheet swap.

I'll NEVER be caught short again!
I not only like vintage though.
I look for great colours,

(fitted sheet and pillow cases reminded me of Meg from WHATEVER--I couldn't leave them there!)


(actually a duvet cover--like 2 sheets in one!)

and sheets that just scream


no. really.
some of them have begged to come home with me.

(isn't this the most perfect quilt basket?!

ONLY $2!!)

Hubby said the other day,

that he's noticed a fair bit of shopping at the Sally Ann recently

(Salvation Army thrift store)

"Well, what of it?"
I said....
"I'm saving $$$$"

So when I found this treasure

I hemmed and hawed....
But I couldn't leave her there,
alone to suffer at the hands of
someone who wouldn't truly appreciate her beauty.

I mean--just look at her colour!
the sheen off the sateen texture alone!

plus my dining room table is naked.
It's practically indecent!

And square tablecloths are IMPOSSIBLE to find
and they are NOT cheap

I needed this sheet.
so I bought it.

And it wasn't $1.99

It was more like $5.99!

But I have plans for her.
For me.
For some quality time.

And with a little encouragement I'm hoping
for a tablecloth
and cloth napkins

and maybe even a skirt
for Pumpkin.


'cause every kids dream is to match the dining room tablecloth!

(p.s. Hubby was thrilled at the purchase! He loved it as much as I did! Whew!)