Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Good news and some crafty goodness

First the GOOD NEWS!!!
I'm 3 centimetres dilated!!!

this baby is on it's way soon!
Now, an udate into the crafty goodness around here as this will probably be my last post until after baby #3 joins our family....

I finished my quilt!
and it's at the quilters and I should have it back by the end of the week!

Here is the top:
and here is the backing:
i chose to have it professionally quilted because my hubby wanted it to have a soft cuddly scrunchy look and I can only do straight quilting.

Can't wait to bind it and throw it in the wash!

Pumpkin is attending her first ever real birthday party!

I saw this post on Bridget's blog, Everyday Chaos, in the morning and by the afternoon I had a gift!
It's getting sunny around here and the kids were due for Big Kid sunglasses.
I had seen this idea on Disney's blog (which sadly she is no longer writing)
and bought me some potholders.
Jazzed them up and instant sunglass cases!
and best of all--
No scratched lenses!!

Lastly I bought a pair of jeans for Pumpkin hoping they would fit.

no such luck. too short!

So they instantly

(or should I say after I decided what to do with them)

became some super ruffly and fun capris!
they were so easy and she gets lots of compliments!

So there you have it!

hopefully the next time we talk these 2 will have a new sibling!!

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

as the days creep by

I am greeted by stares lately.
Gaping mouths.
Hoots and hollers across parking lots of
"You're still HERE?!"
"You haven't had that baby yet???!"
No I haven't.

I guess this is the life of an overdue mama.

I'm only 3 days overdue.
Not so bad.
Who am I to say that this babe is actually overdue?

It says in the Bible that only the Lord knows the hour of our birth.
I'm trusting His plan for this baby.
It's hard though.

I find myself anxious in these last days.
Wondering when, how, and what to do when it all happens.

I LOVE being pregant.
I could do this for another couple of months.

so we'll see.
I would like to know whether we're having a boy or a girl however...
I'm sure this child will arrive before it's 13th birthday...
and with a small head, if you don't mind.
Please and thankyou.

Mostly we are just so excited to meet this new little person
of whom we have struggled over names for the last 9 months.

Lord, help me to be patient.
Accept your timing.
Help me to have peace.

Welcome BABY!
We're waiting on you :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010


ready to be pieced....
I'm loving how quickly these HST blocks come together...
this is one Cotton Blossoms layer cake and 6 extra squares of fabric...
(my layer cake was missing 4 squares)
We'll see how I like it once it's all pieced :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010


My June blocks for the Tethered Threads 2 Block Swap have been done for a bit but I've not shared them....

Fabulous fabric!!
I wasn't so sure about my wonkiness...
"wonk" I've noticed, does not come easily to me...

but I think Kathy likes them, so I'm safe :)

I have also joined another swap called the GREAT WHITE NORTH BEE

I'm excited as this is a group of ladies that are all Canadian (like myself) but love designer fabrics and the look of a more modern quilt design.

These are my June blocks for Kristy, our bee mama....

Wonky again!

It was fun and using so many different fabrics and bright prints was a thrill!

her quilt is going to be delicious!

I joined the swap late so the July block will not be coming to me as she doesn't have enough fabric for me to do a block for her.

that's okay--i'm going to be busy with a baby anyway.

My month isn't until February so I have time to decide what I would like.

I'm so enjoying the swap process.
It has opened up opportunity for me to really stretch and learn.

I'm excited for more fabric to show up on my doorstep so i can play with it!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dad always loved a good blonde joke...

My father loved a good joke.
Especially blonde jokes!
They were his favourite.
He, at one point, started collecting them.
I wish he were here so I could share this one with him.
He would have loved it!
So....I'll share it with all of you instead :)
There is a night flight that has just taken off.
As the stewardesses begin to deliver meal trays an attractive blonde walks up from economy to first class and sits down.

Stewardess: May I see your first class ticket please?

Blonde: I don't have one. I'm blonde, I'm beautiful and I'm flying first class to Houston.

Dumbfounded the stewardess goes to the front cabin to speak with the pilots.
After sharing her story the co-pilot says he'll approach her.

Co-pilot: Ma'am I understand you do not have a first class ticket for this flight...?

Blonde: I'm blonde, I'm beautiful and I'm flying first class to Houston.

Speachless, the co-pilot makes his way back to the cabin and exclaims in exasperation
"She's blonde, she's beautiful and she's flying first class to Houston!"

The head pilot asks the co-pilot to take over and says he'll deal with it.
The, now nosy, stewardesses follow him wide-eyed waiting for a scene.
But the pilot only leans down, and gently whispers something in the blonde's ear.

She immediately stood and retired to her original seat in economy. No questions asked.

The pilot returned to the cabin, stewardesses, bewildered, wagging their tongues behind him...

Stewardess: what did you say to her to make her go back to her seat??

Pilot: Oh. I just told her first class wasn't flying to Houston!

I love a good blonde joke!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Bob the Builder Birthday Party!

Can we Party?!

Well, as you can tell, I'm still hanging in there.

My water did not break during the birthday party,
And we made it through!

First off,
the cake.

Now I know you saw my part the other day,
but check out BOB!!!
My friend, Laurie,
truly outdid herself!!
He is clearly well put together and totally made the cake special!

and was a total hit with our own Bob the Builder!

My portion of the cake was a bit of fussin', but worth it!

I used a great tutorial found on
They have SUPER cake ideas!
and often show videos of how to do it.

I just looked at a picture of SCOOP and tried to adapt this tutorial to recreate him.
The toughest part was trying to frost a twinkie!
Definately freeze them first!!

All the kids and parents met us at the free splash pad in town.

It was very warm and the kids loved the water.

I brought colouring sheets and crayons in a dump truck.

and mod podged rocks with our favourite characters to hold down the napkins/plates and papers so they wouldn't fly away.

Lastly, before everyone left, we had a pinata!

here it is after the party still in one piece.

because it wasn't a pinata you hit--
it had a trap door!!!!

the kids pulled on the caution tape strips one by one.
they fall right out unless you pull the one that opens the door
and WHAM!

Candy for all!!!
the kids and the moms loved it!

I got the idea on as well.

but did a few things differently.
the thing that made it the easiest was that I had bought adhesive caution tape at the dollar store.

Saved my butt that tape did!!

and made decorating the park a breeze because I didn't need to "tape" my caution tape.

It just stuck to whatever I put it on!!

All in all a great day!

And now onto having this baby.....

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Here's the SCOOP!

SCOOP the Backhoe that is...
More to come....
that is, if my water doesn't break while throwing a birthday party for my 3 year old!
fingers crossed :)