Friday, October 15, 2010

Dear John...

(my mom and dad in the early years. My mother is still this beautiful.)
Your memory is never far from me.
Our new little man is so smiley and squishy and huggable and loveable.
Your heart would melt if you could see him.

I often think about the day you came to the hospital upon the arrival of our sweet princess (our first baby, your first grandbaby) into our lives.
I remember how you saw her and your eyes welled up with tears.
I loved that you wore your emotions on your sleeve (and yet it's something I don't always like about myself).

You loved her with out knowing her or feeling her kick for 9 months.
You loved her even though you weren't here everyday to see my ever-enlargening belly.
You loved her before she even knew she would love you.
because she was mine and you were her grandfather, you loved her.

Love is amazing.

Love is something I want very badly for my kids to know.
the kind of love you had for me and my brother and mom.
and the love that you shared with pumpkin.

She loves you still.
Your memory is engraved on her little 5 (and 3 quarters) heart.

We love you.
and miss you.
but mostly, we appreciate you and the love that you shared.

thank you for teaching me about love.

your most beloved daughter