Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bee Blocks

Found some pics of Bee blocks that I have yet to share with you all...
First up is a stacked block for the Hip 2 Bee Square group--can't remember whether this was October or September. It's been too long!

I loved making these and might need to make some for myself :)

October H2 B2 block for Peg

Next up also for H2B2 are some improv log cabins using some Dream On fabric

H2B2 September blocks

I really am not that great at improv piecing :(

H2B2 September block

Lastly, some really cool hens to start us off for January's H2B2 (Round 3) which I am now heading up.

These hens are for Jan and she sent us the legs and the pattern and we were to use our scraps--they really were so fun to make!

My hubby was not a fan, however, so I don't know that I'll be making many more of these unless someone I know wants a chicken quilt--any takers? :)

Now I'm all caught up--onto FEBRUARY!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

O Christmas Tree!

No. This is not a long overdue Christmas post.

Yes. It does include a Christmas quilt....for next year...

It was my turn to send out fabric for the Hip to Bee Square group in November.

You may remember my Teathered Threads 2 bee and the tree blocks I had them make using this YCMT pattern....

well I never knew what to do with them --so there they sat.

Until September 2011...when genius struck.

and I did some shopping HERE.

to get the perfect fabrics for those little trees to be turned into this...

(blocks made for me by a fellow Canadian Quilter--Hi Rebecca!)


Free form/wonky log cabin blocks made scrappy and fun ar0und the trees I had made previously is a recipe for Christmas scrappy quilt heaven!

I'm not sure about this layout as I just threw them down to get an idea but each block is 14 inches so it will be a good sized lap quilt.

thank you Teathered Threads 2 and H2B2!
I'm loving it!(had to throw in the shot of my feet in the photo with my new Christmas slippers from the hubby)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cake Decorating for Men:101

Aww... 7 is such a special birthday for a little girl!

Notice the cute lady bug cupcakes?

Notice they have 7 chocolate chip spots? (the best kind)

Notice how evenly the icing is distributed?

Not too shabby, eh?

Did I mention that my hubby made these?

yes. that's right.

i had injured myself and it was my daughter's birthday and she wanted to take cupcakes to class.

Not wanting to let her down I dug in and got to work but the pain was awful.

Hubby: Let me do it.

Me: No. I want them to be nice.

Hubby: Go get a container to put them in and let me help you.

Me: O-ka-a-a-y

(as I roll my eyes and storm off only to come upstairs and find beautiful cupcakes upon my return)

Me: WOW!

Hubby: Yeah. I figured an icing bag can't be that hard. it's just like using a caulking gun.


More men should decorate cakes--they may have the edge :)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The "tail" of two Scottie's

Today I bring you a "tail" of two Scottie's

(and yes, I realize that that's a super corny!)

First some great news!

Compliments of

OOOOh scrap overload!

Coming your way via Pink Castle fabrics and one of my favourite bloggers,

Kaelin of The Plaid Scottie fame!

Quick! Go check it out

And the next Scottie news is that I finally finished the Scottie dog for the Middle man!

I finished this off in October before injuring myself and he loved it so much it got whisked away before I had a chance to blog about it.

His name is Spotty and he was made using Denyse Schmidt's free Scottie dog pattern found HERE

Patchwork front to match his quilt and a super soft upcycled wool sweater as the back makes him a cozy companion.

We made a collar and leash from a strip of old t-shirt fabric and now he's the real deal!

It feels good to have this crossed off my list--and to see the Middle Man so happy--makes me wish I'd done it earlier.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas and Spiderman

Well, Christmas has come and gone and unfortunately I don't have much crafty to show for it.
In November I ended up injuring myself (long story) and it made my handmade holidays a little less attainable this year.
But there was one project I wasn't going to let go.
A quilt for my sweet nephew who is 2 1/2 years old and a Spiderman fanatic!
It was started and finished within less than 2 weeks and I'm glad to say the speed in which it was executed only made it better--it was beautiful!
(if I do say so myself)

I received the fabric several days after initially injuring my finger so I spent much time dreaming of how I wanted it to look. The main bulk of the design was centered around a panel measuring 1 yard. and here is the finished project--inspired heavily by THIS flickr photo
Here is a shot of the quilting. I did a straight line quilting with my walking foot of lines at all different angles across the quilt in white--to mimick a spider web.
And here it is upon its unveiling--my nephew really liked it--I think it was more than my brother and my nephew could believe :)
even Nana got in on the action and helped me with sewing up the pillow I made with the extra pillow panels.
Due to my injury I can't handsew so my mom came to the rescue--thanks MOM!

The quilt ended up being 69" x 92"--a long twin size just right for showcasing on his new big boy bed!
I backed it in a striped black, white and royal blue thrifted Ikea duvet cover and added a chunk of the yellow at the bottom for the extra length.

The duvet cover fabric was heavy weight which gave the quilt a nice bit of heft.
I did a machine stitched binding for the first time and I have to say I really missed the handstitching but honestly, I'm glad I had no choice because I would have had to bind it after I gave it to him otherwise.
As it was I was practically wrapping it as they walked in the door on the morn' of Christmas Eve.
All's well that ends well.

I was initially inspired to have a handmade Christmas by the Polkadot Chair and I'm really glad I persevered :)

the Polkadot Chair

Hope your Christmas was all you wanted and more.
Mine was a great one!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sew Scraps Along Begins!

2012 Sew Scraps Along 150

My bloggy friend Jodi of Pleasant Home fame is at it again with her Sew Scraps Along Extravaganza!!

A chance for tutorials, prizes and of course scrappy conversation-- I can't wait!

Check it out!