Monday, January 31, 2011


I am afraid.
nothing scary, but it holds me in its grasp and I stress...

After reading this post by Anna of Noodlehead fame--I don't feel alone.
not completely.

This was my comment on her blog after reading this:

"i fear wasting fabric...the fabric industry is so turns over fabrics too fast and just when i get the nerve to use my beloved fabric it goes OOP and i can't get it anymore. i stand stuck in this place.
my husband does not understand.
nice to know that someone else does :)"

note: OOP means Out Of Print.
as in done.
a bazillion dollars on Ebay for the world's last remaining fat quarter that someone else is selling because they were smarter than me and bought lots so now they can share it and get their projects done.


yes. it's the strawberries all over again.
why do I obsess?

My hubby asures me "we can buy more fabric.
They will design fabric that I like just as much. take it one project at a time."

Problem is that it takes me MONTHS to finally begin a project and then the amount of fabric I have limits my creativity.

Fabric is expensive!
I don't want to waste it!

'cause once it's gone. it's gone.
so sad.

Hubs said to me the other day,
"you're getting a nice little stash of fabric now. Great for creativity."

except, no.
practically every piece of fabric I have was bought for a purpose.

It's not a stash.
It's a hoard.
waiting it's turn.
time is also a problem.

I'm not entering any more quilt bees so that I can work on my own stuff.

what's that?
no I'm not crossing my fingers behind my back.

Swaps don't count do they?

hmmm.... could someone pass the strawberries please?


Friday, January 7, 2011


I have so much to blog about and yet so little time....
but I have a pressing question.
Preparing for my month in the Great White North Bee...
and I'm undecided...
Does the blue play?
or does it take away?
are the stripes too much?
(please note that these are not pieced blocks, they're just staged so I can get a concensus)
edit: thank you to everyone who commented and emailed.
I decided to keep the stripes but nix the blue.
Instead I added in some golden corduroy to warm it up a bit.
I'll update you once my blocks start rolling in :)