Tuesday, June 28, 2011

mmm mmm....good!

We had Prime Rib roast for dinner tonight--serious yum!

I learned how to cook the best prime rib watching Rob Barrett Jr. in his youtube video series "Cooking for Dads".

yes, he's corny--but he's original and fun.

and his recipes are seriously good.
Every. time.

I love the cooking show venue he offers although he also has a cookbook.
Check out some of his other videos--he's made over 100 episodes!

and then maybe you can have something yummy for supper :)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Favourites

My hubby pointed out the other day, that I have been neglecting my blog...and he's right.

Well, no more!

I'm going to have at least 3 posts a week--that's my goal anyways...

So it all begins today!

Jeni over at In Color Order (her Etsy shop is always full of great stuff!)

posts from her flickr favourites on Fridays.

Her Friday posts always inspire me.

So I was thinking that I might do the same seeing as my flickr favourites are abounding and changing continually!

sometimes there will be a theme and sometimes not :)