Friday, November 12, 2010

crafty endeavours

photo heavy post ahead!
This month I have been focusing on getting things done!
Since having #3 I've been sneeking in sewing time when I can...
and not blogging at all because all my spare time has been spent sewing or cuddling a newborn :)
first up: Bee Blocks

Made these 3 blocks using Denyse Schmidt's Hope Valley for Beth.
She is on for the last month of our Teathered Threads 2 swap.

can I just say that nothing is better to work with than the quality that comes with designer fabrics--and I don't even like Hope Valley!

Next up:
Blocks for Ruth that were due in August....oops!
also for Tethered Threads 2.
We got to use fabulous fabrics designed by Laurie Wisbrun for Scarlet Fig fabrics

Ruth had us use a new method of piecing that had you leave the first piece half unsewn and then sewing it at the end...
very cool.

This is a table runner I made for my secret sister at church.

it was our revealing night where we find out who our secret sister was for the year and I had won these fabrics at guild and decided to make something fall-like for her.
I used a tutorial by Anina at the Twiddle Tails blog for the Strippy Runner.
Easy Peasy!
I wasn't able to give it to her in person and she made a point of thanking me at church the next Sunday and giving me a thank you card--so I guess she liked it :)
I didn't like these fabrics at all but then went shopping for the binding and made the back from my stash and was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it!
Now I want one!
I made a doll quilt for an auction fundraiser at my daughter's school.
I made it to be 14"x 17" and after quilting and washing it measures 13" x 16"
Using a by Amanda Jean from Crazy Mom Quilts
for this cute pillow and case!
The fabric was from my SIL (thanks Kit Kat!)
and was slated for another project, however I decided the little house was just too cute to have sitting in my stash so I chopped and diced and made it nice :)
I still have a bunch of houses so this is not the last time you will see them.


off to sew some more!