Friday, January 7, 2011


I have so much to blog about and yet so little time....
but I have a pressing question.
Preparing for my month in the Great White North Bee...
and I'm undecided...
Does the blue play?
or does it take away?
are the stripes too much?
(please note that these are not pieced blocks, they're just staged so I can get a concensus)
edit: thank you to everyone who commented and emailed.
I decided to keep the stripes but nix the blue.
Instead I added in some golden corduroy to warm it up a bit.
I'll update you once my blocks start rolling in :)


With a C and 2 As said...

Hmmm I'm not much of an expert in the color area but my first impression is a yes on the stripes but undecided on the blue...I like the way the blue pulls out one of the stripes but it kinda feels like it belongs in a different group. But like I said totally not an expert in that area. :)
Keep up the good work it was nice to see a post from you!
Luv ya

Michael - Innkeeper said...

wow... tough question...

i think the blue helps to tie in the stripes. but i don't love it. seems to call to much attention to itself.

my vote... take it away.