Sunday, February 6, 2011

Love Nest

My new "friend" is Carina Gardner.
Have you ever heard of her?
She's a fabulous new designer for Northcott Fabrics and her second line is called Love Nest.
This is my favourite new novelty line of fabric!
Isn't it fabulous?

It's all hearts and flowers and paisley's but my fave is those birdies up there.

When I came across this fabric I knew I had to have some!
so I right away called my LQS who is now looking into carrying some of Carina's new lines for the spring/summer but couldn't get me any Love Nest.

I was bummed and then Carina herself sent me a 12 fat quarter set!
Can you believe it!

I'm planning on making a table runner for Valentine's Day with it but in the mean time...
look who got into it first!

She's so proud to be sewing--
and yes--
she did pick this out fit out herself! :)

this little quilt is the beginnings of a 100 days project for school.

more on that later...

but a BIG THANK YOU to Carina Gardner!!!

p.s. check out this quilt that Carina just designed!!!

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