Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I was looking through some photos on Flickr and thought I'd better update the crafting going on around these parts....not that it's much!

The H2B2 (Hip to Bee Square) group is nearly finished their year of bee blocks....and I have dragged my tail through which is so sad because once I do them I love it.

Being part of a bee has forced me to learn so much! It has been immensely helpful.

This block was due for June (I finished it in June, but didn't mail it 'til July--LOOOOONG story!)

It was made using this tutorial. and was surprisingly easy.

just time consuming. It has ALOT of seams!
She's now done her quilt top. you can see it HERE.

These blocks, also for H2B2 took me forever to finish!
Due for July but I just started and finished them the other day.

Why did I wait so long??

I was scared of them... terrified!

They're fully pieced--curved piecing. I'd never tried it.

Then I had to. I mean--3 months to finish a block?? COME ON, KEL!!

although she was very kind and didn't put a time limit on us as some were having more trouble than others.

The inspiration came from these leaves created by my uberly talented bloggy friend Anna of Noodlehead fame.

Her's are lovely. I didn't want to murder her concept with my shoddy piecing.


Well, I mustered my courage.

Cut. Pieced. Notched. Pieced some more.

within an hour and a half I had 4.

yesssss. Triumph!!

Thanks H2B2 girls for stretching my creative muscles.

Now I'm off to conquer September and Octobers blocks and then it's my turn!

stay tuned...

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Miller Racing Family said...

Your blocks look amazing. I totally agree sometimes our mind gets in the way of our quilting ability. I guess we need to have more faith in ourseleves. Can't wait to see more creations.
Have a fabulous weekend!