Thursday, May 31, 2012


I was reading a post by Alison of Cluck, Cluck, Sew blog fame.
(she is by far my favourite pattern designer! such talent!)
anyways, she struck a chord with me today.

I've been asked quite frequently about what kind of a quilter I am.
Modern? Traditional?

and then there are those that don't ask, and just assume that quilting is this old past time using calicos and plain fabrics and it's just not something they would like at all.
 --you know the look... like they kind of turn their nose at you as if to say "ewww. really? you like that?"

Well yes. I like that.
and no. I don't.
....It depends....
On what, you might ask?

I have thought about this alot. I am not modern nor am I traditional.
I am just a quilter. I quilt what I like.

and I happen to be attracted to fabric with a more "modern" flair for the more youthful generation. but I like a many varied way of constructing them...

you know my mom and I were talking about generations and how they have colour schemes. you know, like each generation brings in it's own style and likes.
My mom loved the hunter green, burgundy and rose colour palette.  (and those geese with the hearts?--I know you know what I'm talking about!)
and neutrals.
I prefer brighter fresher looks and so do most of my friends in "my generation" what is modern? youth?
Each generation is more modern than the next. due to influences and technology partly. and just due to the need to be different I think.

(just a few of the items I'm crushing on right now--totally on my "to make" list) 1. Patchworking, 2. A Double Shot!, 3. Urban Amish Garden Party - 1, 4. stacked solids front

But no. I'm not a modern quilter.
I'm just a quilter who likes to quilt :)

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