Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I know it's been a long time since I've posted.
This absence I've had here is due to life.
My absence here, means I've been living life. Elsewhere.
not on the computer :)

We've moved our family 2.5 hours away from the home I've known for the last 10 years.
Our married home. Our whole married life.

New city, new job, new school, new church, new friends, new stores and....oh did I not mention?

yes. 2013 is the year of new.

In many ways I have not been "o.k." with much of it.  (except the baby part--she's lovely!)

It happened too fast, too soon, too unexpected.
But the Lord opened the door and my hubby felt ready to walk right through it and me dragging my feet behind me.

I'm accepting my new life and in many ways I see God moulding me. Changing me.
I've always said that I'm the kind of person who "can't handle too much".
And while this is absolutely true.
With God's leading and my husband to hold my hand, I'm "handling it" in my own way.
oh... and my kids?
They're hopping and skipping and loving life here.

To say I "can't handle too much" doesn't really express what I mean though.
I always thought it made me weak.... until I read this blog post.

She nailed it.
I need margins in my life.
The less I do outside of me and my family the better a person I am.

Seems a bit selfish, but in some ways I'm thankful for the move.
Fresh start.
No committments.
Just me. and my family.
It's more of a blessing than I'd ever thought or prepared for.
But hey,
that's God for ya.
He knows what you need, even when you don't.


Ariane said...

I'm glad to here you are well. I can totally understand how all the change caused a shift in your life. I had the same about 12 years ago, when we moved 9 hours away from our family to a new city. At one point things were so crazy busy, I had to take a step back, and back away from a lot of commitments. The kids were in too many activities, and we were always running from one place to another with no breaks to relax. Everyone was cranky and stressed all the time. Then we took a break from all the craziness and our life really got better and more peaceful. God often has ways of pushing us in the right direction.

Gina said...

I love this, and so glad you were encouraged. Yay for margins! I am learning, but I wish this is one that I learned a long time ago. God is good to meet us with exact thing we need at the right time though, and then there is grace. How grateful I am for grace!

Take those margins, enjoy this season and be okay with the no's you have to say. Blessings to you!