Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It must be said

I am a little on the plump side.
I know this.
I have known this.
This is not news to me.

But this--
I had NO idea about this!

Who is this woman?

She's awfully pale for starters--
which I think only accentuates the fact that she is...

Well, let's not mince words here--

without saying the "F" word
Ummmm.... overweight?


OOOh look at those thighs--serious cellulite!

My poor husband!
I didn't realize.

My mother took these photos.
I'd say she was using a wide angle lens
but she wasn't.
I know this because these lovely shots of my rear were captured on my camera
This morning I joined CURVES.
And I'm dieting as of now--

I mean really--how could I not after seeing this...


I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder
but if you could get paid by the pound?

yup--millionaire :)

So a little CURVES


weight: 181.4 lbs
size: 14-16

I'm wearing maternity clothes and my baby is 2 years old.

by posting this realization I'm hoping to help keep myself motivated.

Maybe I can reward myself?

When I lose 10 lbs I'll treat myself to a New York Cheesecake...

maybe not :)


Carol said...

Kel, you are a brave woman for posting your stats for all to see. I hope it does motivate you to become more healthy and fit. But never forget where your true beauty lies: in your giving heart and joyous soul and wonderful energetic personality. The rest is just packaging.

Heather said...

Oh Kelly - you make me laugh!! Our bodies are never the same after children - they ruin us - LOL!!! Being your friend I thought that if this is something you feel you need to do (I think you look great!)then I will throw in some motivation too - When you are down to your goal weight - I'll send some fabric goodness your way!!! How's that for motivating? YAY!! Good luck!

krissybizz said...

Kelly - You're cute! But brave! And it sounds like you are very motivated! I'm a LOT older than you, but have been trying to lose a few lbs. lately, and the older you are, the harder it is. I'll be thinking of you in your "battle of the bulge".
Kris (The Scrappy Quilter)

Christie said...

Kelly, good on you for posting pics of yourself IN YOUR SWIMSUIT!!?

At the start of the year someone congratulated me for being pregnant again... when I wasn't!!! I hadn't really exercised since I got pregnant with my daughter, who was as that stage 2 and a half. I was getting sick of wearing clothes to hide my figure & stressing out if we had to go out for dinner & I had to work out what to wear.

I decided to start exercising & over the last 6 months have started getting fit & into better shape. I am so glad that I have, I feel a lot better about myself even though I still have lots of wobbly bits!!

Hopefully I will feel better about taking my kids to the beach this Summer

jodi @ Pleasant Home said...

Good Luck my bloggin friend! And I finally have a face with the crazy lady! LOL Just kidding. Seriously. You can totally do it! ;o)