Wednesday, August 5, 2009

you know you're Dutch when....

you have conversations like this with your 4 year old while playing at the park:
Pumpkin: Hey mom, let's play bus. I'm the driver.
Me: Okay.
Pumpkin: BEEP! BEEP! (in a very loud but low growly voice)
Me: Hey, that's quite the horn you've got there.
Pumpkin: yeah. It was cheap.
Me: I see... (snickering)
Pumpkin: What? It does the job.
Yes darling. Of course it does.
*shaking my head*
For the record
I married into the Dutch

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Miller Racing Family said...

That is so cute. My type of kid, saving money right from the start.
Thanks for the laugh, have a great day!