Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Give your kids "crepe"

It's been a long week and it's only Wednesday!
I've been barking orders,
breaking up fights
snapping at the drop of a loaded spoon of yogurt
and just...well...
It's been crappy.

So instead of giving your family--well--
um... a poor attitude...

try giving them "crepe" instead!
Start with your regular old Aunt Jemima Pancake mix and water it down so it offers a skinny pancake type.
You may need to experiment to get the right consistency...
however I use enough to just cover the bottom of my large skillet.
You want these babies plate sized.
To one side spoon on a generous helping of sliced strawberries or fruit of your choice.
Mine were frozen and then thawed so they were extra juicy.

Dollop on some Cool Whip over the strawberries.

If it's been a particularly hairy week then adjust your serving size to suit.

As you can see it's been a bad week for me so I'm taking my comfort in Cool Whip.

Now gently roll up and place seam side down on the plate.

Trickle or smother
(totally up to you as to how much comfort you're needing)

in Hershey's Chocolate Syrup

Hershey's really is the best but i totally understand if you have to cheap out :)
Add a layer of maple syrup and dig in!

Not only is it comfort food but your family thinks you're a star for making such a fun and yummy supper.

And who can't take comfort in that!

Go on and give your kids "crepe"!
They'll thank you for it :)


Miller Racing Family said...

This is a must try. Anything with cool whip and chocolate syrup has to be good. Thanks for the recipe!

Mr and Mrs M said...

I think I need to come to your house for supper!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

It's no wonder your family were impressed! They look delicious.

AnyoneCanQuilt said...

What a great way to brighten up a poopy day, make crepes!! They look soooo yummy! x