Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tip of the week: On a roll

I love it.
Especially when I'm pregnant.
But our family doesn't eat a whole pound of it in one sitting.
And I have a few recipes that only require 3 or 4 slices....
You too?
Well here is your answer--
Roll it, Freeze it and use it at will!

See how cute it is all frozen and in your pan?

Start with fresh bacon.
A container to freeze it in
(I use a tupperware hotdog container).

Open bacon and lay one piece out like so.

then roll from end to end.

yes--it can be a bit tedious--but it's such a time saver and money saver it's worth it!

And this is why you had children, anyways.
to help you roll bacon :)

Place each completed roll in the container. Nice and snug.

Ta Da!
Pull out what's needed when it's needed.
As my 5 year old says,
easy peasy, lemon squeezy!


Sandra said...

Great idea, great news! :)))Congratulations and my best wishes to you!

Miller Racing Family said...

Very good tip. We are like you we love bacon but can never finish a entire package. I will have to use this idea.
Thanks for sharing and have a fabulous Friday!

Nicole said...

That is a good idea, since we can never make it through a pack of bacon either. Just wanted to say thanks for entering my giveaway and good luck. I'm not sure how I feel about you canadian's. Especially since one married my twin sister and just moved her and my niece and nephew there a couple months ago :).

1CardCreator said...

Great idea, thanks for sharing. ~Diane

Carmen said...

Awesome idea!!!!