Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Where do I start?

Well I've been working on some "stuff"...
Like this quilt top finally finished!

I don't know why it took me so long...

the kids were so excited to hold it so I could take a pic :)

Now to start the back...

I've been inspired by this...

I've been working on other things too
Like some blocks for the month of February for my Tethered Threads 2 swap

yes. these blocks for Kim were fun.
the fabric was beautiful.
She had us use this tutorial from Oh! Fransson and we modified it a bit...

block #2 came together even quicker.
and then I thought I'd try another...

and then I realized I really don't like to make these blocks anymore :)

I was up until midnight because I couldn't stop
and then....

I did.
and I was done!

2 things I learned about myself:

1- I like straight lines. I love the wonky look but it's not my forte.

2- I like to use every bit of fabric. Every bit went into these blocks.

I even got a fourth one done but it was an inch shy of the 12" Kim was looking for.
I sent it back to her so she can play with it or add to it.

I also received these awesome blocks from Beth!

They came quite a bit ago and I just let them sit there looking pretty and forgot to blog about them!
thanks Beth!

these two blocks arrived this morning!

and I have to say they are AWESOME!

thanks Jen!

As the final blocks trickle in I'm really starting to sweat about what to do next.

I thought I knew how I wanted my quilt to look and now I'm not sure....

Once I get all the blocks I guess I'll have to decide :)

I think I've yet to receive blocks from 2 ladies and then it's down to the sewing machine!


Sandra said...

Wow this is a post full of creativity and inspiration! Congrats to the nice quilt top, I really like the colours so nicely-fresh!

Anonymous said...

Wow! beautiful quilt! I like the design and the colours are great for spring!!


Jennifer Juniper said...

It's a great quilt - the time and patience is beyond me! :)

1CardCreator said...

Your quilt top is beautiful, I bet your kids were very proud of you. ~Diane

Carmen said...

LOVE the trees...I have a thing for trees!!!