Monday, April 12, 2010

April already?

So how do I know it's April?
I got Marty's fabric in the mail for the Tethered Threads 2 Block Swap, that's how!
She sent out 4 base fabrics to everyone and then one complimentary fabric specific to each person in the swap.
I was a lucky girl and received this beautiful orange-yellow fabric!
which I happened to have some stash to match!

Marty requested simple and off centred.
In my first block I added the lovely centre square from my Make Life stash
--the surrounding fabrics are the ones Marty sent.
finished off by my "signature colour" also from Marty.
This block, I fear,
is not the "simple block" that Marty requested.
I simply went overboard-- I couldn't help it!
It was the first time I was ever able to just pull stuff from my stash that worked!
and the block just carried me away!
The stripes are from my Amy Butler stash
and the polka dots and flowers were again from Make Life by Sweetwater
I mean look at all those seams!!!
aren't they pretty!
Sorry Marty!
Your fabric was just too good and I was just too weak!
Simple went to the wayside.
Hope you can still use them :)


Kerri said...

such beautiful blocks!!

Jenny said...

I love, love, love off centered blocks :) I can't decide which one I like the best; they're both fab!

Miller Racing Family said...

Wow, you did a fabulous job!
Have a great day!