Friday, April 23, 2010

Please talk to me!

I'm sad to say that our Curves here in town closed in March.
I was doing really well.
I have gained very little weight during this pregnancy and was thinking it mainly had to do with my level of activity.
Curves was great.
For me anyway.
It was my time out.
My time for adult conversation without the tugging on the shirt sleeve the whole time.
And the LAUGHS!!
So fun!
So when it closed (pout!)
I took the month of March off to mourn
and then thought I'd check out the
YMCA in town.
Other Curves ladies have gone there and are happy.
I am not one of them.
It is booooooring!
where I was once forced to move in a circle,
looking and laughing at/with those at the club,
I'm now in a corner on my own.
walking on a treadmill
or sitting on some very uncomfortable and mindnumbing equipment.
with no one to talk to!
this kind of working out hurts.
it pulls your muscles in ways that I've never felt before.
or at least I don't remember feeling...
for this, I have a theory.
When I'm talking or distracted I'm not thinking about the pain of the workout.
I'm enjoying myself.
I need a workout buddy.
I need the YMCA to turn the machines to face eachother.
I need them to play something better than the 6am news.
I need a Meg Ryan movie and a breakfast burrito.
and a laugh or two while I walk off the weight.
now that would be a gym worth going to!

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