Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Do you ever....

Do you ever go through the day forgetting you're a Christian? (I mean, assuming you are a person of faith--if you're not, why not?) I do. I mean, I did. Today. Until now. I sometimes go through my day without consulting God. Without acknowledging His presence. Ignoring the fact that everything I have is because of Him. That the very breath I breathe comes only by His permission. How I can forget and just move through my day making other things priority over God, considering all He does for me daily? It is truly sad. and selfish. I must fix this in my life. Because reading that blog post, or sewing that quilt block isn't near as important as I think it is most of the time. All God asks of me is to check in with Him daily. Get to know Him a bit better with every year that passes. Appreciation. Really He's looking for no more than we strive for ourselves. And He deserves it way more than anyone else. Thank you Lord for blessing me and my family today. Giving you the credit, God.

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