Monday, April 25, 2011

Scrappy Mug Rug Madness!

Remember when I told you about my Mug Rug Swap?

Well I just finished another one and I realized I never actually did show you what I did for the first one back in 2010...

so let's start there... this is the one I made for my partner...

using Make life fabric :)

the back--My fave!

and this is what I received! soooooo spoiled I am!

So fast forward to the beginning of March 2011... This is what I sent to my partner...

She likes vintage and pleats and bright colours. I used a vintage pillow case and added in some brown pleating.

Topped it off with some free motion quilting--first time EVER!!! (thanks to my handsome hubby and my SWEET Janome Horizon sewing machine-score!)

Well, I hit a home run on this one--she loved it!

and then I received the most fabulous mug rug Sweetteamom .

She put so much thought and detail into it! I love the rainbow and she snuck in some of my fave Make Life fabric (the red word fabric) and then the grey cross is to symbolize my dad in that he's always with me in my heart! AWWWWWW!

She totally cared! And I love it!

I kinda don't want to spill coffee on this one :)

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Cherry Tree Lane said...

I don't have a MUG RUG, but I need one! They are adorable!!