Monday, July 4, 2011

Dear John...

I had terrific potato salad this weekend and it reminded me of you.
Your potato salad will forever be my favorite!
Although your cryptic recipe forever leaves me trying to duplicate it but never quite mastering it!!
We had a campout in the neighbour's backyard.
12 adults, 13 children--tons of excellent food!
and running toilets--totally your kind of event.
What also made me think of you was that it was your wedding anniversary.
I called mom.
I think she had a hard time of it this year.
Not that I can blame her. We all miss you.
I sometimes sit and wonder what if you hadn't "ditched us for heaven".
If you were still here, happy and healthy, how life would have ended up.
What would you be doing?
Would you have visited us for Canada Day?
Would we have had a huge celebration to commemorate your wedding day?
I know that there will forever be a little part of every celebration that is missing something.
that something is you.
and it will always be missing your potato salad because that recipe you left me is waaay too vague!
your daughter.

1 comment:

quirky granola girl said...

heart-achingly sweet.
sending you a hug over the interwebs.