Wednesday, July 13, 2011

WIP Wednesday #1

So here we are again looking at my progress on my works in progress....
some weeks are more productive than others and this week I was more counter productive really...

Let's just say I did ALOT of seam ripping this week!

haha! gave the old seam ripper a good workout!

and honestly, you won't believe what I chose to work on this week! honestly I can't believe it either!

So let's get started!



Sugar Pop n' Change fall quilt top!!
I know! I did put it away after last week's little photo session but then my hubby wanted to sit out on the deck on Sunday night. I figured since we were going to be chatting I might as well do some seam ripping and this project box was still sitting out on my sewing table.

Once I got it ripped apart hubby saw instantly where my problem area was and helped me solve it. And then I guess I couldn't stop until I saw it complete!

thanks to the hubby for his encouragement and his master photo taking abilities in getting a clear photo of my now finished quilt top--YAY!

STATUS: this is going away for awhile--I mean it this time!

Still Going:

my sewing space - I was inspired this week by a podcast I listened to (while folding laundry) pointing me in the direction of really organizing my scraps. I've had leftovers from several projects spilling over everywhere in my studio so it was time to tidy.
These are the remnants of ripping apart extra blocks from this quilt.
I removed and threw out the cheap sheet fabric and saved the fabulous designer fabrics.

I'm not done yet but it's a step in the right direction

STATUS: more slicing and dicing of scraps and organizing bins need to be purchased

Sultry disappearing 9 patch - I figured out to get it the size I want I need 10 more quarter blocks. so I did cut some more fabric for the blocks but didn't get any further.

STATUS: need to sew 10 more quarter blocks


-DS Scottie Dog pillow

-Make Life... Easy Bake quilt

-A La Mode cross quilt


Sew Cherry whirligig quilt - received my fabric super fast! I will be using my Square it Up templates to begin my blocks.
SPECIFICS: Sew Cherry layer cake by Lori Holt to make a whirligig quilt using these templates made by my friend Jodi

STATUS: cutting fabric this week

Bizzy Kid - after purchasing my pattern I immediately pulled this pile of fabrics I have been saving. The focus print for this pull is the great Starling fabric (bird print) from Alexander Henry.
SPECIFICS: Bizzy Kid pattern by Cluck Cluck Sew available HERE

STATUS: fabric cutting will commence shortly

WIP Wednesday #1 Recap:

last week's total: 6

finished: 1

new: 2

This week's total: 7

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