Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dear John...

Do you remember that Christmas?
The one when money was tight for you and mom...

Life had taken ahold of things for a bit and you made lots of sacrifices for us all.

That began your attitude of giving. You were a giver dad.
Not a giver of things
--although you gave to us anything we needed before you gave to yourself.

Your answer was the same every year at Christmas
" I don't want you to buy me anything!"

Of course, we did.

But you gave of your time. You gave of your gifts--your talents.
Your creativity in the kitchen and willingness to serve
--well, anyone who knew you won't forget soon.
We loved those late night shrimp bowls
or the filing cabinet filled with chips and licorice that you kept stocked with Peanut M& M's for mom (her favourite).

** note: most people keep files or paper in their filing cabinets but my parents had a filing cabinet seriously full of junk food.
No really--it's true.
If dad could have afforded a second microwave, he would have put it on top and then not even had to go upstairs to microwave his popcorn :0)

So dad, who could blame me when I wanted to give you your hearts desire one Christmas?
I knew you wanted one.
They were all the rage.

So I saved.

I worked on an extra project and made enough to buy it and some extras.
I wanted to give it to you more than anything.
Not for the look on your face.

Not even for the sheer joy of giving
--but because you deserved it.

And you opened that Black and Decker Breadmaker
and you cried.

Tears of JOY!

I loved you dad and wanted you to know in a way that was more than a hug or a kiss.
In a way that showed I sacrificed for you like you did for us.

You were worth it. And I love you.

Merry Christmas.

Your Favourite
(and only) Daughter

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