Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Rubbers, Wellies and Donkeys

I've got a thing lately for rubber boots
(or wellies or galoshes, what have you)

I have wanted a pair for my very own for a long time
and my brother made that dream come true this Christmas...
I know you're jealous!

But what I love more than my new galoshes
are rubber boot wearing donkeys!
and just rain boots in general!

Aren't these fabrics fabulous?!!

I've been wanting to make a fussy cut quilt like this for some time now
and couldn't think of a more adorable focus fabric

plus it's not cheap
so this way a little goes a long way :)

oh my

if you love fabric or you're just quirky like I am, you'll love her designs!

you know that song? "If I had a Million dollars...."

Well, I just need $20 and this fabric would be mine!


Jennifer Juniper said...

What fun patterns! Love the boots, I need me some of those :)

Miller Racing Family said...

What cute boots, I am jealous! I love how fun they look and the donkey with rubber boots made me laugh.
Hope you have a great day!