Thursday, April 23, 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic

So I have to confess that I am a serious shopaholic.

I'm being really serious. I think I invented the concept of retail therapy.
When my dad was ill and we would visit my parents it would be an all out scramble to the stores. I had to hold myself back! Or my husband did :)

This is turning into a whole other post but I will fill you in on something here.
My parents (well my mom now) live in the States. They are Canadian but moved to the States for my mother's job (also another post).

You American's just don't know how good you have it!I am especially enraptured by one particularly inviting and wonderful place.

Yes. Target.

My friend. My home away from home.

Remember that movie where the girl lives in Wal-Mart and eventually has her baby there?
Yes--I want to live in Target. I don't however want to deliver another baby at this point--but if it meant that they would let me live there...then I might be persuaded.

That aside, there's also the wonderful world of outlets!!
Now you may know this but not all outlets are created equal. It's true. The ones in States closer to Canada don't have deals as good as the ones deeper into the U.S. of A.

I LOVE to visit my cousin (another post) in Georgia, not just because she's wonderful and brilliant and just plain lovely altogether--but her shopping is INCREDIBLE!
So maybe I joined blogging to make more American friends so I can come visit and shop at your outlets... anyone live close to a real good one?

Shallow, eh? (I say eh? alot...I can't help it--I'm Canadian!)

Wow! I've gone on a shopping tangent--sorry.
If you've made it this far then you'll find out the reason for this post today.
I just had my wisdom teeth out and have been homebound for 6 days. I was even in too much pain to visit my second hand shop yesterday--and it was a half price day!!
Well-no more. I'm packing up the kids and we're going to the mall.
My dear son is in desperate need of new sneakers and I must go. Martyr that I am.

Wish me luck.


Dana said...

Good luck! :)

Carol Venn said...

Kel, What second hand shop do you frequent?
I like OUAC for kids clothes/toys but would like a nice store for used housewares, craft supplies, etc.