Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How do I begin?

This blog thing is not new to me. I've been addicted to reading other people's blogs and life tidbits since October of this year.
My family can attest.
But it's not because I lack a life. My life is full--everyday jam packed, to the brim--spilling over.
With kids.
Whom I love and enjoy. I do. I love being at home. I am fortunate that my hubby likes it that way too.
But anyone who knows me, knows I am social. The blog world is like a party that I've been invited to and it doesn't matter what I wear, what time I show up or if I have spit up on my shirt. No one cares. It's just life. In blog land. YAY!

Why did I want to start a blog? Good question.
Maybe for therapy purposes.
Or is it to have my voice heard?--I highly doubt that. Nothing that I have to say is going to be profound. Just the opposite in fact.
I guess...just...cause.
I know, I know. I always tell my dear daughter that that's not an answer but it will have to tide you over 'til I can think of a good one. :)

So what to expect from this little bloggy of mine?
Well. Probably some mushy emotions about my dad and how wonderful he was.
Definately some updates on the dramas in my dear daughter's life, as being 4 and female lends itself to drama--heck! being 30 and female lends itself to drama!! At least it does for THIS girl! LOL!

And lastly--I hope to post about my crafty creations.
You see. I say hope because I am a woman of good intentions. And am inspired by so many things and talented people around me. And I have a stash--oh do I ever--0f crafty stuff.
So I'm hoping that being accountable to you my faithful bloggy followers, will persuade me to start finishing my humble beginnings in many millions of projects.
hmmm....I hope.

Anyway I bid you farewell and promise to be back soon.
Goodnight blog land.


Miller Racing Family said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! I loved the post and I totally agree with all of your reasoning. Blogging can truly be so addicting, you get so involved in people's lives and you haven't even met them, how crazy. I just love how you dedicated this blog to your dad!
I will enter you for a chance to when the cupcake carrier.
Have a blessed Wednesday!

chaletgirl said...

Oh, cool! You started a blog! Good luck!