Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mom would be proud....

Yeah, my mom would be proud--in fact I hope she's reading this!
My dad--well, he would have been annoyed and dismayed, but then when I got home he would have been secretly thrilled.
My hubby? He was moderately pleased but very annoyed when I wanted to do it again at 6:30 the next morning.... :)
What is IT you ask? Junk hunting.
Yes. I called my friend Jenn from down the street and we prowled the neighbourhoods of our town looking for all the treasures hidden in other people's junk.
Saturday was large item pickup in our town--for the dump.
Everyone was just putting all their junk to the curb.
Well not ALL of it was junk--not to Jenn and I!
What a time we had Friday night.
I used to do this with my mom when I was a little girl...Now don't look so disapprovingly--it's like a FREE garage sale! You'd have done it too!
We left at 7:30pm and didn't get home until 10:45pm!
Jenn's hubby just couldn't believe his eyes when we called him out of the house to see all our treasures--but I dare say that he was pleasantly surprised.
This is what my van looked like before the unload.
I don't know if you can tell but I couldn't see out my back window for the junk piled so high.

In this pic you see a toy lawnmower, a toddler mattress (yes a clean one), a ride on toy in the back, a practically brand new bouncy chair and an exersaucer...

Another view--here you can see the blow up pool...
And there was so much more!
Jenn found a great clock (which we found out doesn't work -I guess some junk really was junk) and a coleman stove. A blow up pool for her babe this summer. And toys.

Me? Well, my kids are older so I got all the ride on toys.
We found a bag FULL of girls toys like a mom just emptied the entire contents of her bedroom into it. So instead of rummaging and wasting time, we just took the whole bag! Barbies and My Little Pony's!
I also found a huge TONKA truck for my dear boy--oh he's ecstatic! I just have to wash it all up.

My best snag? Well actually it wasn't mine...
My disapproving hubby couldn't help himself when he saw a man putting THIS on his front lawn.
I think I'm rubbing off on him :)

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