Thursday, April 30, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away...

It's been raining for most of the day.
And yesterday.
And I think even the day before.
Our back yard has barely any grass in it.
Mostly mud.

(damage due to a fence going up late last summer)
Which is a wonderful combination with our dog.
This is Shelby.
She was our baby before we had babies.
She's a Boxer Lab Cross.
She used to be 5 lbs.
And we encouraged her to bark. Silly us.

Now she's 75 lbs on a good day and a little louder than the yipper she once was.
But we love her. She's a special girl.
And our kids love her too.

I was yelling at her today to "STAY ON THE MAT!" while I ran for a towel to clean her paws.
She was following me through the kitchen, leaving muddy paw prints everywhere.
My daughter called her over and pat her on the head and said in a sweet voice,
"You're a good girl, Shelby. It's okay. Mommy can just wash the floor. No big deal."

I bit my tongue.

We all love Shelby.
I just don't appreciate her free expression on my kitchen floor.

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