Saturday, May 29, 2010

meet my new boyfriend

I haven't felt this close to a perfect stranger in a long time.
It was like kismet.

He goes by Uncle Dan to most,

but me?
the first time I tasted his wares it was like
"hi. you can call me Dan."

and wow!
after one taste I was hooked!

I am closer to Uncle Dan's Classic Ranch Dip than I have been to any of my other food cravings.

It's smooth and creamy.
calorie filled and tangy.

Uncle Dan really does know how to get 'r done!

I've never eaten so many vegetables!

the best part is, my hubby and kids love him too!
He just fits right in as though he's always been there.

on my table, on my plate.
and in my tummy.

OOOOOOh it's sooo good!

Problem is Uncle Dan and I have a long distance relationship,
not unlike the one I have with my other boyfriend,
Bob "Wildfire" Evans.

It's sad really how I just can't seem to find any favourites around here.

Unlike Bob,
Uncle Dan lives in B.C. in some grocery store I've never been to.

So my friend,
no blog Mo,
who initially set us up,
now also makes sure I get my supply.

Uncle Dan has completely manipulated my pregnancy cravings.
he's monopolized on all my grazing habits.

Trust me.
It's that good.

and if Uncle Dan lives in your area,
he also makes a dill dip which is heaven.
You two should really hook up!

I'm not the jealous kind.

As long as you send me some dip :)

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sewtakeahike said...

I love Dill dip!! but I make my own. Which is probably good since I haven't seen this brand around here before.