Tuesday, June 8, 2010

there goes the neighbourhood...

We live in a neighbourhood of neatly manicured landscapes.
Everyone mows their lawn,
weeds their flower beds
and waters their impatients.
overnight the neighbourhood seems...
up in arms.
And I can't blame them.
Many of them have lived here
a long long time.
and then this shows up on the neighbours lawn.
this is a toilet.
and yes.
it does have plants in it.
Impatients actually.
but no one has watered them so
they're not so "standy uppy" at the moment.
what can I say?
it's a toilet planter!
their house is not perfect.
(ours isn't either...shhh)
But they've been working hard on improving it.
hence the toilet.
it came from their bathroom remodel.
Many neighbours wish it had gone to the dump with the rest of the refuse from the reno.
I'm not a fan of it myself.
"Toilet planters" aren't for everybody.
but in their defense....
they always mow their lawn.

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