Monday, July 12, 2010

Bob the Builder Birthday Party!

Can we Party?!

Well, as you can tell, I'm still hanging in there.

My water did not break during the birthday party,
And we made it through!

First off,
the cake.

Now I know you saw my part the other day,
but check out BOB!!!
My friend, Laurie,
truly outdid herself!!
He is clearly well put together and totally made the cake special!

and was a total hit with our own Bob the Builder!

My portion of the cake was a bit of fussin', but worth it!

I used a great tutorial found on
They have SUPER cake ideas!
and often show videos of how to do it.

I just looked at a picture of SCOOP and tried to adapt this tutorial to recreate him.
The toughest part was trying to frost a twinkie!
Definately freeze them first!!

All the kids and parents met us at the free splash pad in town.

It was very warm and the kids loved the water.

I brought colouring sheets and crayons in a dump truck.

and mod podged rocks with our favourite characters to hold down the napkins/plates and papers so they wouldn't fly away.

Lastly, before everyone left, we had a pinata!

here it is after the party still in one piece.

because it wasn't a pinata you hit--
it had a trap door!!!!

the kids pulled on the caution tape strips one by one.
they fall right out unless you pull the one that opens the door
and WHAM!

Candy for all!!!
the kids and the moms loved it!

I got the idea on as well.

but did a few things differently.
the thing that made it the easiest was that I had bought adhesive caution tape at the dollar store.

Saved my butt that tape did!!

and made decorating the park a breeze because I didn't need to "tape" my caution tape.

It just stuck to whatever I put it on!!

All in all a great day!

And now onto having this baby.....

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Catharine said...

Great job!
You excel at event planning! Looks like your little man had a blast!
Hope we get to meet the new addition soon!
Luv Ya