Thursday, July 15, 2010


My June blocks for the Tethered Threads 2 Block Swap have been done for a bit but I've not shared them....

Fabulous fabric!!
I wasn't so sure about my wonkiness...
"wonk" I've noticed, does not come easily to me...

but I think Kathy likes them, so I'm safe :)

I have also joined another swap called the GREAT WHITE NORTH BEE

I'm excited as this is a group of ladies that are all Canadian (like myself) but love designer fabrics and the look of a more modern quilt design.

These are my June blocks for Kristy, our bee mama....

Wonky again!

It was fun and using so many different fabrics and bright prints was a thrill!

her quilt is going to be delicious!

I joined the swap late so the July block will not be coming to me as she doesn't have enough fabric for me to do a block for her.

that's okay--i'm going to be busy with a baby anyway.

My month isn't until February so I have time to decide what I would like.

I'm so enjoying the swap process.
It has opened up opportunity for me to really stretch and learn.

I'm excited for more fabric to show up on my doorstep so i can play with it!

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Pat said...

Love the blocks. Nice work my dear friend. Thank you for sharing.
Happy Quilting!