Tuesday, July 20, 2010

as the days creep by

I am greeted by stares lately.
Gaping mouths.
Hoots and hollers across parking lots of
"You're still HERE?!"
"You haven't had that baby yet???!"
No I haven't.

I guess this is the life of an overdue mama.

I'm only 3 days overdue.
Not so bad.
Who am I to say that this babe is actually overdue?

It says in the Bible that only the Lord knows the hour of our birth.
I'm trusting His plan for this baby.
It's hard though.

I find myself anxious in these last days.
Wondering when, how, and what to do when it all happens.

I LOVE being pregant.
I could do this for another couple of months.

so we'll see.
I would like to know whether we're having a boy or a girl however...
I'm sure this child will arrive before it's 13th birthday...
and with a small head, if you don't mind.
Please and thankyou.

Mostly we are just so excited to meet this new little person
of whom we have struggled over names for the last 9 months.

Lord, help me to be patient.
Accept your timing.
Help me to have peace.

Welcome BABY!
We're waiting on you :)

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