Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Good news and some crafty goodness

First the GOOD NEWS!!!
I'm 3 centimetres dilated!!!

this baby is on it's way soon!
Now, an udate into the crafty goodness around here as this will probably be my last post until after baby #3 joins our family....

I finished my quilt!
and it's at the quilters and I should have it back by the end of the week!

Here is the top:
and here is the backing:
i chose to have it professionally quilted because my hubby wanted it to have a soft cuddly scrunchy look and I can only do straight quilting.

Can't wait to bind it and throw it in the wash!

Pumpkin is attending her first ever real birthday party!

I saw this post on Bridget's blog, Everyday Chaos, in the morning and by the afternoon I had a gift!
It's getting sunny around here and the kids were due for Big Kid sunglasses.
I had seen this idea on Disney's blog (which sadly she is no longer writing)
and bought me some potholders.
Jazzed them up and instant sunglass cases!
and best of all--
No scratched lenses!!

Lastly I bought a pair of jeans for Pumpkin hoping they would fit.

no such luck. too short!

So they instantly

(or should I say after I decided what to do with them)

became some super ruffly and fun capris!
they were so easy and she gets lots of compliments!

So there you have it!

hopefully the next time we talk these 2 will have a new sibling!!

Wish me luck!


Rebecca Johnson said...

oh congrats! any second now!! looks like youve got all your projects done... just in time!! xx

Catharine said...

You are the queen of nesting! You're a rockstar!
Luv YA