Thursday, September 3, 2009

I think I have Back to School A.D.D.

This is not an actual diagnosis by a trained professional
however I am aware of Crafting A.D.D.
which runs in my family

and I think the gene runs strong....

Remember my "project" ?

Well I've still got that to finish before Pumpkin heads off to school
um... yeah...
5 days and counting

But I had to interrupt myself to do this project--

ALSO for Pumpkin's Back to School extravaganza
and wardrobe re-fashion
(read, there's a hole in her jeans and I don't want to buy new ones)

and the lunch bag I plan on making

and the hair accessories....



If I could just finish ONE of them!

These are almost done and they were quick and fun!
I used this tutorial because it was really easy to follow.
minus the Pellon's, of course.
I'll feel better about sending my sweet Pumpkin
out into the big bad world of school
if I send her with some handmade goodness


jodi @ Pleasant Home said...

Baste on the back girl! Then you don't have to rip out the thread when you're done! Will save you SO much time.

Simone Howell said...

THAT is hilarious! I totally have creative ADD I feel your pain! I guess it could be worse....uncreative and focused.
Just found your blog thru Laurie's and am loving it. It's wonderful that you work a tribute to your sweet dad into the whole thing. Very nice.