Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Today was Pumpkin's official first day of school.
Oh it's been a rough one FOR ME!!--
I'll tell ya'!
Our bus route is small and so instead of a bus they are picking her up in a big 15 seater van.
This means she needs to be in a booster seat.
Let's just say that the poor bus driver doesn't seem to know how to use a booster seat!
Oh the terrors of watching your baby say bye bye and not knowing if she will be buckled properly when it's time to come back home.
In true P.M.S. (Paranoid Mother Syndrome)
I phoned the school and the matter is resolved.
(thank goodness)

Today reminded me of my dad, however.
Pumpkin had visited the school library in the morning
and you know,
that girl is desperate to read.

She came home, not full of tales of her first day,
but of what story she thought the pictures of this book was telling.

She has a wonderful imagination and is most happy when being read to.
My dad always said,
"If you can read and write, you can do anything!"
I believe this to be true.

He instilled that love of books in her from the very first gift he gave her from his own heart...

The power of the written word.

The love of books.

1 comment:

Karen said...

There is no better gift - and your dad had excellent taste too - Olivia is a favourite in our house.
Glad you survived the day! Hope it gets easier.