Thursday, September 3, 2009

What do
one apron book,
2 1/2 yards of your choice of fabric,

6 half yards of Christmas fabric,

10 fat quarters,

and one yet to be revealed fabric goodie
have in COMMON?
How about these 4 fabulous fabric shops?

Give up?

but before you do,
do yourself a favour and
take your socks off...
Otherwise those suckers are gonna'
blow right off your feet!
It'll be like losing them in the dryer but
worth it!


jodi @ Pleasant Home said...

You're a nut! And Holy crapanoly! I have seven posts to read of yours! SEVEN! not to mention the 700+ in my reader. Yeah. Pathetic. ;o) LOL

Cherry's Jubilee said...

Hy there! I missed out on JOdi's give-away! Looked like a good one! Glad u came by to say hi! cherry