Sunday, September 20, 2009


It was supposed to be a little hole.

"No big deal."

The city owns the first 10 feet of our property from the road.
You hope that all the problems happen within the first 10 feet.

This was not the case.

I got back from the salon to find this man

(not hard on the eyes--however--not the point)

in my basement "studio"
with water on the floor running towards my quilt I have laid out for piecing.

"Hi" he says.

"Hi?" I say.

He was doing this.
I think it's going to be expensive.

I hate expensive.

So um....
It never ceases to amaze me...
you dig up all that dirt from the same place,
and then when you put it back in it doesn't fit?
Maybe it's because they buried my TREE in there!!
(see the place where my shrub USED to be)

What a mess.
I think we're going to need LOTS of grass seed!
I may need to open an Etsy shop to pay for this!
what would I sell?
vials of dirt,to start, I think.
I could wrap them in vellum
tie them with a grosgrain ribbon
and charge $9.99 for them.
what do you think?


Miller Racing Family said...

Bless your heart. I hope the water didn't get to your quilt. When we got our new septic tank they said it would be a few lines and then they tore up the entire back yard. You are totally right the dirt didn't fit anywhere.

Heather said...

Oh no!! That sucks Kelly - hope it all works out okay!