Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tuesday evening in a nutshell

6:30 pm --hubby helps clean up kitchen and kisses the kiddos goodbye.

he has a meeting and then straight to hockey (half an hour away).

6:32 pm --kiddos "help" mommy tidy the playroom.

6:36 pm --bubby hits his head on some toy his sister is swinging around in the air...ahem...

I mean, some toy she was tidying up --yeah.

drama ensues and out comes the boo boo bag.

6:37 pm --Drama dies down and we begin to tidy again.

6:38 pm --hubby calls in panic over leaving his hockey sticks behind. Asks in a nice voice if I can

drive them to his meeting 15 minutes away.

6:45 pm -- wifey calls hubby back to apologize for hanging up on him :)


p.s. I did take him his hockey sticks.

He was appreciative.

I ate a chocolate bar before bed.


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