Monday, November 2, 2009

Dear John...

Do you remember a time long ago when witches flew and dragons breathed fire?
When children squealed and skipped?
When the whole street would light up with pumpkin globes?
When you used to take your flashlight and my hand and take me house to house?

Trick or Treat!

I remember being a bunny and you straightened my ears.

I remember complaining my candy was too heavy and you carried my jack o lantern bucket up and down the paths to our neighbour's houses.

I remember mom staying home with the neighbour moms and the husbands taking the kids on their adventures.

I remember you allowing us a piece of candy every 10 houses and after every bite you would smile and say "don't tell mom"--even though you know mom knew you were a softy.

How diligently you would inspect our candy and sometimes tell us that something wasn't safe and then pop it into your own mouth (ahem... like who ate all my coffee crip bars?)

Do you remember when my brother was a sandwich and no one could walk beside him on the sidewalk because he was too big?

You walked on the road so he wouldn't feel lonely and made sure he could make it to all the doors.

Those were happy times, eh dad?
Happy times.

your daughter.


Karin Schueller said...

Thanks for sharing your 'dad moments' with us. :) Frankly, I had a crappy dad. And it's so nice to hear stories about an awesome dad. :) Thanks for making me smile. He was obviously an awesome guy.

Heather said...

That was very sweet - I think it is so great to have all these memories written down to pass on to your children - what a gift to give them later.

Mandy at MaKC Creations said...

thank you. That was wonderful.

Angie said...

He sounds like he was a great dad. Very sweet memories. He sounds like how my dad was.