Friday, November 6, 2009

Is it too early?

I realize that those of you who live in the U.S. haven't even celebrated Thanksgiving yet
So you may feel this a little premature...
And there are those of you that sleep when I'm awake
--not that you're nocturnal,
you're just from Down Under
(do you call it the Down Under when you live there?--okay, nevermind)
When do Australians start to decorate?
It's summer isn't it?
Christmas in the summer...
Well I'm ready now!
I've decided to buy myself a little gift every year that reminds me of my dad.
You know, something to make me feel that he's still a part of it...
Last year I bought one of these brooches from here

in grey of course.
So this year I was stumped.
Until today that is.
I was reading blogs and stumbled across this post from MakeLifeSweet

They know they've got my number.
My VISA number, that is!
I couldn't help myself.
I clicked buy before I even looked at the price.
It's a kit to make 2 pillows using some of their new Make Life... fabric
Which in case you didn't know...
Why do these pillows remind me of my dad?
Well those little words all over the one star...
Make life special
Make life fun
Make life simple
Make life exciting
you get the idea...
Well my dad,
at Christmas (or any occassion really)
Make Life...Colourful

He may have worn alot of grey

and enjoyed a grey day

but that man brought colour to the cheeks and a smile to the face of anyone within earshot!


Now....the real question is...

Is it too early to decorate??
Hubby says it is.
I say it isn't!

We argue about it EVERY year!

Apparently my neighbour agrees with me!

I always did like them...


jodi @ Pleasant Home said...

GREAT post! I love reading your posts!

Heather said...

Nice Kelly - can't wait to see how yours turn out!!
As for Christmas decorating - if you decorate outside - I say go for it while the weather is still nice and you don't freeze.

Karen said...

It is summer here Down Under and so our Christmas is probably a little different to yours!
We usually put our tree up on December 1, but there are plenty of decorations in the shopping centres already.
We take our girls out to buy a special decoration quite early and so we did that today - they now want the tree up!
Never too early I say.

Miller Racing Family said...

Love the pillows and the idea of buying a gift every year.
I will say we decorate the day after Thanksgiving. Though we have nice weather the past couple of weekends and I think it would be so much easier to put up the outdoor lights now, but my hubby says no as well.
I hope you have had a great weekend.

tara said...

I'm glad someone answered your Down Under question. I was wondering that too.
For us it is too early to decorate. I live in the US but am Canadian so I cant decorate until Thanksgiving is over.
I will have to check out that fabric. Looks great.

Susie from Bienvenue said...

I love how you remember your Dad...I feel the same way about my brother that has passed. Too early for Christmas?....never in my book friend!

Valerie said...

LOL I think I love your neighbours! I haven't started decorating yet but I popped "Harry for the Holidays" into the CD player :)