Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Thanks are in order...

I have been delinquent in saying thank you to those who have
gifted me with some LOVELY treasures!

I have been a lucky girl lately
but in my procrastinating ways I've not sent
out my special thank you's.

I was giddy when I received this from Hillary of Designing Happy...

She called it broken breakfast!
Isn't it fabulous!!
(there's a tutorial too

It's about the size of a placemat and is perfect for hanging.
Pumpkin claimed it right away--but I'm keeping those
FQ's for myself until I find just the right project!

LOVE Jenean Morrison!

Thank you Hillary!
I cannot say enough about her creativity!
She's one talented lady and an extremely entertaining blogger.
Take my word for it!
Here is my next prize in use at my computer.
Yes, this is where all the blogging magic happens folks!

and now my Tim Hortons hot apple cider stays nice and warm
through the writing of an entire blog post!

Thanks to my real life and bloggin' buddy Heather.

She hand felted this leaf on to this
thrifted wool sweater cozy!

Heather has been my inspiration to begin the journey of crafting and blogging!
from a wonderful online shop called

I have always wanted a tin star and this one is a whopping 24 inches!!

I might add that shipping was super reasonable!

I can't wait to see my mom at Christmas

I will get it from her as I had it sent to her home!

I'm very excited!

Lastly and my personal favourite

(I'm sure you'll understand why)

from FINKI!
A big thank you to both Finki and Sandra at Pepperberry & Co.
for sending me this treasure.
There is a card and 4 notepads that have a
vintage sci fi image on them.

Kind of like old comic books or sci fi books

this SCREAMS my father in every way!

He was an avid sci fi/medical science reader,

sci fi tv watcher, (the cornier the better)

He had a vast comic book collection.

and he always carried a notepad.

I don't know if Finki actually expects me to use these treasures. I haven't yet. but I will. Maybe with special thoughts of dad.

So there you have it!

I think I had grand plans of beautifully scripted and layed out posts for each of these special thank you's but...



I'm me--so it didn't happen.

But my intentions were good.

*sheepish grin*

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Heather said...

Wow you have been lucky!! What a bunch of yummy goodness - I have always wanted a tin star too - off to go check them out.