Wednesday, November 18, 2009

To Snuggie? or not to Snuggie?

Snuggies seem ridiculous to me.
A waste of polar fleece.

Especially after reading this post
I was sworn off of them...

until now.

I mean, come on.
They wear them on the TODAY Show!
Even the crew!Look at the "ease"(?) of which they could work--
and Matt Lauer was quoted as saying that they are "toasty warm"...

You've seen my "sewing studio"...

don't you love the concrete floors?
So cozy.
how about no walls?
Wherefore art thou HEAT!
I want to sew.
But I'm FREEZING down there!

The Snuggie is looking awfully tempting all of a sudden...

Anyone own a Snuggie?


Heather said...

You make me laugh - I agree bit they are a waste - and they look ridiculous, but I bet they are super warm. As for the sewing room - I would get a cheap micro-furnace.

1CardCreator said...

Get that sewing machine cranking and make a large robe. Don't waste your money on the Snuggie! My husband won one as a prize at work. They are made for 12 foot tall giants, you can't get up and walk in one like a robe, and the worst part is that it is the thinnest flimsiest fleece I've ever seen. A sheet would keep you just about as warm! The shoulders don't feel right either because they are so wide ant the arms are so long you can't find your hands. More advertising hype than anything. ~Diane