Monday, June 22, 2009

And NOW...Back to our regularly scheduled Program!

I know, I know.
Where have I been?!

Well I'd love to tell you I just got back from a weekend in Fiji...
(yeah right)

but no,
I've just been lazy.

To be honest...
Father's Day just kicked me flat on my butt.
It was a rough week.....

but on a pleasant note

dun da da DUN!

Hubby LOVED his photo cubes!!

And I'd show them to you
but alas,
they are indeed PHOTO cubes
ie: photos of kiddos no internet-o in our house-o
Just trust me I was VERY happy with the results.

he loved his "dad" beer mug
and his "dad" tea mug
and his beer glasses
and his cards

and his wheelbarrow.

I know.

But he deserves it.

much to say.

I've been spoiled myself by the Sew Mama Sew Giveaways.
My second prize arrived today.
A great bag from

Pumpkin was so excited!
She ripped it open in the middle of the Post Office
and put all our mail into it!

That's my girl!

My first prize to arrive came from the super talented
Mandy at

I'll tell you honestly
when I found out that I won
I started yelling and jumping up and down!

It was soooo exciting!

There was something for everyone!
Bubby got a super cool
Grey Monster

(he's the one on the left)
(I borrowed this pic from Mandy
as I haven't been able to get a good photo of this guy as he's always on the move)

Bubby has named him "baby"

And I got this beautiful carseat cover

(also borrowed this pic as I don't have my carseat hanging it out right now....but...someday...maybe)

The colours are amazing!

and lastly for Pumpkin and Hubby
to take in their lunches...

snack bags!
Mandy sent 6.
3 flowery girly bags
and 3 manly snack sized bags
in very manly funky colours

Thank you Mandy!
as you can see from the pic they're already in use
*big smile*

If you've never visited MaKC Creations
you really should.

She just recently put up a super cool tutorial

I'm SO going to try it!

As well her Etsy shop is crammed FULL of goodness
and take it from me
her work is beautiful!

And so creative!

I feel so blessed to have won both these prizes!

Happy days are here again!
*singing off key*

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