Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Full Coverage

I LOVE a good thrifted sheet

The skads of fabric you get from one sheet alone
is pure pleasure at a

So I've been collecting them.

Ever since I missed out on my chance to be part of
Sheridan's vintage sheet swap.

I'll NEVER be caught short again!
I not only like vintage though.
I look for great colours,

(fitted sheet and pillow cases reminded me of Meg from WHATEVER--I couldn't leave them there!)


(actually a duvet cover--like 2 sheets in one!)

and sheets that just scream


no. really.
some of them have begged to come home with me.

(isn't this the most perfect quilt basket?!

ONLY $2!!)

Hubby said the other day,

that he's noticed a fair bit of shopping at the Sally Ann recently

(Salvation Army thrift store)

"Well, what of it?"
I said....
"I'm saving $$$$"

So when I found this treasure

I hemmed and hawed....
But I couldn't leave her there,
alone to suffer at the hands of
someone who wouldn't truly appreciate her beauty.

I mean--just look at her colour!
the sheen off the sateen texture alone!

plus my dining room table is naked.
It's practically indecent!

And square tablecloths are IMPOSSIBLE to find
and they are NOT cheap

I needed this sheet.
so I bought it.

And it wasn't $1.99

It was more like $5.99!

But I have plans for her.
For me.
For some quality time.

And with a little encouragement I'm hoping
for a tablecloth
and cloth napkins

and maybe even a skirt
for Pumpkin.


'cause every kids dream is to match the dining room tablecloth!

(p.s. Hubby was thrilled at the purchase! He loved it as much as I did! Whew!)


Karin Schueller said...

I have a very green tint to me right now. ;) I have never, ever, in my life seen a sheet like that at ANY thrift store!! I am so jealous!!!

Cassie said...

Doing a vintage fat quarter sheet swap over at
http://roseylittlethings.blogspot.com. In case you want to join in... :)