Monday, June 29, 2009

Art Therapy

My hubby and I attended a benefit concert last night.

A very brave boy named Micah, (from our church circles),
has recently survived a bout with cancer.

He is 8.
And sweet as ever.
And he credits God for his recovery.

(as do we all.)

The concert was a band made up of a mish mash
of talent and style.

It was really well done.

All proceeds were for the Children's Hospital near us.

One thing that really hit home
was the discussion surrounding Art Therapy.

have you heard of it?
I hadn't it.

It is best described in this way:
Art therapy provides an important outlet for our patients to
channel their emotions and feelings through art,
which I feel plays an important part in their healing process.
~ Dr. Shayna Zelcer,
Paediatric Hematologist/Oncologist,
Children's Hospital

The concept fascinated me.

Probably because I recognized it.

I have been utilizing Art Therapy
since my dad has passed away.

I just didn't know that that was what I should call it.
But I've been on a crafting craze.

And it has truly helped me deal with things around me.
And express myself in a way no words could.

my theory?

All of us crafters,
sewers, quilters and knitters

have known that this works
long before they called it Art Therapy.

Crafts are good for the soul.

What is your favourite kind of Art Therapy?


djaj said...

The concept of "Art Therapy" is really fascinating.
What makes me wonder is : I've become "carftaholic" but now my point is, I don't feel like I suffer nor I'm sick... So, in my case, is it serious, doc ?

Karin Schueller said...

SO TRUE. I suppose I've heard of it in the way that when a counselor talks to a child, he usually has them draw a picture to figure out what's going on in their head. I DEFINITELY use art as therapy. I usually stick to sewing... but I've been known to paint, knit, crochet, gosh I could go on for days. ;) Great post Kelly!

Heather said...

I agree completely - I have been crafting like crazy as of late and all the while my Dad is having a hard time, he has had a few ministrokes and the doctors are puzzled as to why, he has a constant headache that rarely subsides and to take my mind off it all - I sew. It does help. Thanks for the post Kelly.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Great post! I am an occupational therapist by training, and our profession grew after WW1 in rehabilitating soldiers who were wounded. The use of art and crafts to give people a sense of purpose and to express themselves can work wonders. My favourite type of craft therapy is sewing>